(Anakin Skywalker)

Source: Star Wars

Year: 2007

Assortment: Chubby

Retail: $11.99

Item Number: 10798D

UPC Number:
4 897011 170893

Comments: Imported from Hot Toys in Hong Kong, Star Wars Chubby nesting dolls houses two more figures within, each standing 1.5 inches tall to 3 inches tall. Each set of figures also comes in a 30th anniversary window box showcasing all three figures.

100_3729.JPG 100_3730.JPG 100_3731.JPG 100_3728.JPG
100_3906.JPG 100_3722.JPG 100_3905.JPG 100_3907.JPG
chubbies-164.jpg chubbies-165.jpg chubbies-166.jpg chubbies-167.jpg
chubbies-168.jpg chubbies-169.jpg chubbies-170.jpg chubbies-171.jpg
chubbies-172.jpg chubbies-173.jpg chubbies-174.jpg chubbies-175.jpg
chubbies-176.jpg chubbies-177.jpg chubbies-178.jpg chubbies-179.jpg
chubbies-180.jpg chubbies-181.jpg chubbies-182.jpg chubbies-183.jpg
chubbies-184.jpg chubbies-185.jpg chubbies-186.jpg chubbies-187.jpg
chubbies-065.jpg chubbies-064.jpg chubbies-202.jpg 100_3745.JPG
chubbies-161.jpg chubbies-162.jpg chubbies-163.jpg  

Roll over the photo above to take apart and build up Darth Vader!

Points of Interest:

  • Photography by Dan Curto

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