Source: (A New Hope)

Year: 2005

Number: 7118

1:4 Scale Figures

Retail: $250


Limited Edition No.: 60 of 2,500

Weapons and Accessories:

  • Blaster
  • Commlink
  • Base
  • Comments: A former smuggler and space pirate, Han Solo is the rugged, devil-may-care captain of the Millennium Falcon. Fast thinking and quick with a blaster, Han is noted for his narrow escapes from dangerous situations, many of which are the result of his own brash and arrogant behavior. His skill with a blaster and uncanny luck are equaled only by his extraordinary piloting abilities. After winning the Falcon from fellow gambler and friend Lando Calrissian, Han extensively modified his ship to become one of the fastest space vessels in the galaxy. For this reason, he is hired to transport Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi and young Luke Skywalker on a mission that will forever alter Han's roguish course. After helping to rescue the Rebel leader Princess Leia from the clutches of the evil Empire, the often charming yet insufferable pilot wins the heart of the beautiful Princess, and in her cause, finds a focus for his flyboy talents. No longer a reckless vagrant, Han Solo is a general in the Rebel Alliance and is recognized as one of its most deserving and courageous heroes.

    SChan03.jpg SChan05.jpg SChan06.jpg SChan07.jpg
    SChan09.jpg SChan11.jpg SChan12.jpg SChan14.jpg
    SChan15.jpg SChan16.jpg SChan17.jpg SChan18.jpg
    SChan19.jpg SChan20.jpg SChan22.jpg SChan23.jpg
    SChan24.jpg SChan25.jpg SChan26.jpg SChan27.jpg
    SChan28.jpg SChan32.jpg SChan33.jpg SChan34.jpg
    SChan35.jpg SChan37.jpg SChan39.jpg SChan40.jpg
    SChan41.jpg SChan42.jpg SChan44.jpg SChan46.jpg
    SChan48.jpg SChan49.jpg SChan51.jpg SChan52.jpg
    SChan53.jpg SChan54.jpg SChan55.jpg SChan56.jpg
    SChan57.jpg SChan58.jpg SChan59.jpg SChan60.jpg
    SChan61.jpg SChan62.jpg SChan63.jpg SChan64.jpg
    SChan65.jpg SChan66.jpg SChan67.jpg SChan68.jpg
    SChan69.jpg SChan70.jpg SChan71.jpg SChan73.jpg
    SChan74.jpg SChan75.jpg SChan76.jpg SChan77.jpg
    SChan78.jpg SChan79.jpg SChan80.jpg SChan81.jpg
    SChan82.jpg SChan83.jpg    

    Points of Interest:

  • The Sideshow Collectibles ? Scale Han Solo figure is fully authentic to Star Wars: A New Hope, from the Harrison Ford likeness to the Millennium Falcon interior grating inspired base. Every detail of Han's costume and each of his accessories has been expertly captured in ? scale. This dashing scoundrel is sure to charm his way to a prized spot in your collection.
  • Photography by D. Martin Myatt

  • Roll over image above to take Han for a spin!!

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