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Critique is open only to members of the Forgotten Force listserver. This document is managed by the coordinator for the Forgotten Force Customs Critique of the week. Customs Suitable For Critique
Though the purpose of COTW is to help improve the skills of the customizer (of the week), it is important to make the forum beneficial to the membership at large. Therefore, customs submitted for critique must be of a "medium" skill level. (Note that this is a subjective category name and not relative to number of customs created nor to the amount of time spent as a customizer. "Medium" simply goes beyond part swapping.)

For the sake of benefitting all members, the following customs are not eligible for critique: Head-swaps only, parts-exchanges only and repaints only. (Of course, a combination of the three is suitable.)

Critiques will benefit the group most when the custom involves some degree of sculpting, part "modification" (sanding, carving, articulation, etc.) and/or a variety of painting techniques.

Eligible Customizers
All members of the Forgotten Force customizing group are eligible for critique as long as meeting the above requirements. Images (read specifications below) may be sent to me personally for review. Do not be discouraged if your custom is not eligible under the above requirements.

In the interest of giving all members a fair chance at having an opportunity to be critiqued, no member will be able to showcase a second time until volunteered submissions are depleted. At that time, when no new customizer is submitting, previously posted customizers will be eligible for new critiques in the order posted at the COTW site.

Eligible Customs:
All characters and vehicles from the Star Wars Universe are suitable for critique. The Expanded Universe (novels, comics, other illustrated materials, etc.), the Classic Trilogy (EPIV, V, VI) and the SW Prequels (EPI, II, III) are acceptable critique sources.

"Fan-fiction" or "personally-imagined" characters or vehicles are also eligible.

Submission Information:

Who May Submit
All images for critique must be submitted by the custom's creator. You may not submit for other people. Each customizer is responsible for his/her own work. Customizers cannot be "nominated" for critique.

Customizer must choose one custom item for critique. Choose the item you want feedback on most. Only one item will be considered at a time.

Send submissions so Dan Curto in the form of links to website displays or emailed images (following the specifications below). Allow one week for consideration response and critique scheduling.

Image Requirements
All images submitted for consideration must meet the following specifications:

Format: Images should be saved as jpeg with the .jpg extenion in the title (ie: Darth1.jpg). Images should be scanned at 200 dpi.

Size: Long side of image must be no greater than 3.5 inches (700 pixels), no less than 3 inches (600 pixels).

*** If you are unable or unsure how to use a photo program to meet the size and format requirements above, email Dan Curto with specific questions.

Number: You are permitted up to four significantly different (in regard to angle, closeness, pose, etc.) images to showcase important details, workmanship, etc. Additional images can be used in some cases.

Focus: Images must be as sharp (in focus) as possible. Clarity of the image is imperative to adequately discussing the custom work. We can't help you improve if we can't see the work clearly.

Background: You will get the best feedback if we can see the custom without distraction. So, make your best effort to photograph your custom against a solid background (devoid of pattern/design/other figures/household items/etc. which will obscure the detail of the character). Also, be aware of the color of the background. Dark figures are best seen against light backgrounds. Light figures are best seen against dark backgrounds. (Don't worry about making an interesting scene with the custom. We're attempting to critique each customizer on their customizing skills not diorama skills or photography skills.)

(NOTE: Only one custom will be critiqued at a time. The only exception is Cinema Scene three packs which must have custom packaging back and front.)

Scheduling: Customs will be scheduled first come, first serve; except when similar or identical characters are being considered. In that case, the similar customs will be scheduled no less than four weeks apart from each other. This maintains interest through variety.

In order to allow as many members as possible to take advantage of COTW, those who have been critiqued will not be eligible for a second critique until a time when there are no new "first-timers." Then a rotation will begin with the first customizer posted on COTW and will continue through the order every time there is a lack of "first-timer" participation.

Final Thoughts
Each customizer who is posted for critique is responsible for a "catch all" post entitled "Final Thoughts" at the end of his/her critique week. The customizer will not respond to the list regarding the critique until then. The FT post will include answers to all questions asked throughout the week and also will include the customizers thoughts on the critiques along with a description of his/her approach.

Any questions? Feel free to ask: Dan Curto.

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