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Past Figures

  3¾"Evil Palpatine by Daniel Cziraky
  Bespin Escape diorama by Chris McVeigh
  3¾" Dagobah diorama by Ruf Terrain
  3¾" AT-TE (All Terrain-Tactical Enforcer) by Thomas Riedel
  Poppable Yavin Wave Customs by Hasbro
  Pod Racer and Pilot by Jerome Hamays
  Obi-Wan Kenobi (Clone Wars Confrontation) by Mark Tobin
  Vintage Aayla Secura by Paul Hruby
  Trade federation Multi-Troop Transport (MTT) by Thomas Riedel
  White Witch by Ricky UK
  Z-95 Headhunter by Heath Lane
  Attack of the Clones Kubricks by Stephen Gilliam
  3¾" Ewok Village by Owen Driscoll
  12" Ysanne Isard by Chad Vania
  3¾" General Jorg Sacul byBrad Fyfe
  3¾"-scale Gorax by Brian Windsor
  3¾" Vintage AOTC "Early Bird" Preview Set by Dave Myatt
  3¾" Darth Bandon by Ricky UK
  3¾" Jabba's Palace diorama by Mike Hoffman
  3¾" Charrabrk by Benjamin Jackson
  12" Kyle Katarn byJay Schmidt
  3¾" Darth Malak by Glassman
  3¾" Montross by Peter Schuster
  3¾" Sith Trooper by Ricky UK
  3¾" Republic Gunship, DFS byOwen Driscoll
  3¾" Shira Brie: Emperor's Hand by Greg Glasgow
  3¾" Home One Rebel Briefing diorama by Thomas Riedel
  12" Chewbacca by Jason Watson
  12" Mara Jade by Shane Sarte'
  3¾" The Hetts diorama by Philip Silvera
  3¾" Jedi High Council diorama by Thomas Riedel
  12" Tauntaun and Hoth Luke by Craig McErlean
  Kubrick Jango Fett by Stephen Gilliam
  3¾" Snoova byJohn Gardner
  3¾" Jabba's Palace by Dave Hudson
  3¾" Tonnika Sisters by David Hannebohn
  3¾" J'quille by Craig Mullan
  3¾" Kaminoan Aiwha by Owen Driscoll
  12" Padm??? Amidala: Evening Gown by Chad Vania
  3¾" Wald by Humberto Matali
  3¾" Seatrooper by Ricky UK
  3¾" Aayla Secura by Kevin Watkins
  12" Clone General by Jason Watson
  3¾" Komari Vosa by Stephen Gilliam
  12" Jaster Mereel by Mike Yanez
  3¾" Ewok Catapult by Owen Driscoll
  3¾" Luke Skywalker: Dagobah Training by Joonsik Noh
  3¾" Conceptual Design Chewbacca by Brad Fyfe
  3¾" Yuuzhan Vong Warmaster by James McAllaster
  3¾" Lekku Princess by Ross E Lockhart
  3¾" Darth Vader's Meditation Chamber by Greg Reeves
  3¾" Yuuzhan Vong Hunter Droid by Craig Mullan
  Paper Sculpture Yoda by Bill Nyerges
  3¾" Verpine by Link Stevenz
  3¾" Yarna D'al Gargan by Ryan Shaw
  3¾" Tusken Raider by Jon Taylor
  3¾" Conceptual Dessign Han Solo by Brad Fyfe
  3¾" Dengar by Harald Flugge
  3¾" Commander Bob Hudsol by Dave Cox
  12" Sith Witch by Chad Vania
  3¾" Jabba the Hutt's Sail Barge by Greg Reeves
  3¾" Vilmarh Grahrk by Dan Curto
  3¾" Mara Jade (Force Storm) by Jason Fleigel
  3¾" Clone Trooper Gunner Station by Geoff Haradon
  3¾" Imperial Star Destroyer by Mark Laybourn
  3¾" Rebel Fleet Trooper by Richard Beal
  3¾" Corran Horn by Chris Thurm
  3¾" Clone Emperor by John Gardner
  3¾" R2-D2: Serving Droid by Ricky UK
  3¾" Conceptual Design Luke Skywalker by Brad Fyfe
  3¾" Death Star Trash Compactor Diorama by Jeff Birney
  3¾" Conceptual Design Darth Vader by Brad Fyfe
  3¾" Darth Zarabok by Link Stevenz
  3¾" Stormtrooper X by Mike Miller
  12" Boba Fett: Stealth Armour byMatthew Herbert
  12" Crimson Stormtrooper by Chad Vania
  3¾" Yuuzhan Vong army by Craig Mullan
  3¾" Ewok Drums Accessory Set by Bob Fulwider
  3¾" Mandalorian Commando by Link Stevenz
  Dark Empire Holocron with Boda Baas by Thomas John Spanos
  12" Jorg Sacul byTony Colucci
  3¾" Stass Allie by Brandon Taylor
  Glowing Lightsaber by MaTT Cassano
  12" Tessek by Maureen Kuppe
  3¾" The Bespin Ice Cream Maker Guy by Dan Curto
  3¾" Ugly vehicle by Michael Heitz
  3¾" Trabel Gnach by Albert Chang
  3¾" Quinlan Vos by Chris Thurm
  3¾" Tantive IV Rebel Attack Diorama by Jeff Birney
  Clone Emperor's lightsaber by Thomas John Spanos
  3¾" Imperial Anti-Aboriginal Assault Team by Owen Driscoll
  3¾" Baron Fel's 181st TIE Interceptor by Joe Fera
  AMT/ERTL X-Wing Fighter model by Robert Watson
  3¾" Sluissi by James McAllaster
  12" Zam Wesell by Chad Vania
  3¾" Sarlacc-Damaged Boba Fett by Albert Chang
  3¾" Voxyn by Craig Mullan
  12" Yoda by Brian Steele
  3¾" Melas by Gott Weiss
  Epic Force Jango Fett by John Costa
  3¾" R5-D4 by Todd Hoeft
  3¾" Sha-Lyn Fett by Bob Fulwider
  3¾" Jaxxon by Rick Rhodes
  3¾" Verpine by James McAllaster
  3¾" Indiana Jones by Brian Pelham
  3¾" Emperor's Arrival diorama by Todd Welch
  3¾" Jango Fett by Ryan Shaw
  3¾" Michelangelo Reklaw by Mike Walker
  3¾" Diva Shaliqua by Jim Doherty
  3¾" Sixtus Quinn by Matt Slaymaker
  3¾" Arvel Crynyd by Jon Taylor
  Pod Race Audience by Forgotten Force Group
  3¾" Santa and Helpers by Matt Cassano
  3¾" Jawa Scout and Scoutcrawler by Dan Curto
  12" Imperial SAS Trooper by A. Garrison
  12" Watto by Matt O'Connor
  3¾" Exar Kun by Steve Boughton
  3¾" Wurth Skidder by Zachary Whitlow
  3¾" 8T88 byPat and John Taylor
  3¾" E2 Anakin Skywalker by Harry Portman
  3¾" Maw byCraig Mullan
  3¾" Tal'dira by Thorsten Heiss
  3¾" Cilghal by Brandon Taylor
  3¾" Count Dooku by Chris Thurm
  12" Rebel Fleet Trooper by Kenny Chin
  3¾" Clone Wars Obi-Wan by Todd Hoeft
  3¾" Holiday Special Boba Fett by Owen Driscoll
  3¾" Lord Githany by Darren Osbourne
  3¾" Droids Style C-3PX by Brandon Vise
  Young Jedi Knights Darkest Knight Diorama by David Hannenbohn
  3¾" Pre-scarred Darth Vader by Jonathan Hunter
  12" Luke Skywalker: Jedi Master by Justin Fajardo
  3¾" Darth Sidious by Brandon Taylor
  3¾" Captain Tarpals by Matthew Johnson
  12" Mara Jade by Keith Paquette
  3¾" Krayt Dragon by Justin Butler
  3¾" Tsavong Lah by James McAllaster
  3¾" E2 Spoiler by Kevin Millard
  3¾" Lady Maidan by Matt Smith
  3¾" Max Pierce (Fan Fiction) by Dan Curto
  3¾" Frank As Niub Niub by Dan B.
  3¾" Scale Ion Cannon by Doug Schroeder
  12" Death Star Trooper by Kenny Chin
  3¾" Gungan Warrior by Chris Campbell
  3¾" Mara Jade by Dennis Sonnier
  3¾" Captain Antilles by Bill Nyerges
  3¾" Aayla by Chris Thurm
  3¾" E2 Custom Figure by Kerry Lawler
  3¾" Bespin Security Guard by Duane Smith
  3¾" Kit Bashed Boba Fett by Vincent Viard
  3¾" Scale Moisture Vaporator by Tyler Pugmire
  3¾" R2-D2 w/Gadgets by Ed Barulli
  3¾" Dr. Evazan by Rodney Anderson
  3¾" Carnor Jax vs. Kir Kanos by Mike Miller
  3¾" Set Harth and Bal Serinus by Craig Mullan
  3¾" Voort "Piggy" saBinring by Brandon Taylor
  3¾" Sith Crusader by Bill Nyerges
  12" Jabba The Hutt by John Costa
  3¾" EII Obi-Wan Kenobi by Harry Portman
  12" EII Obi-Wan Kenobi by Andrew Halaby
  3¾" Admiral Daala by "Moff" Peter Flessas
  3¾" Vonya by Ron Marquez
  3¾" B'ff and D'rrrk by Doug Schroeder
  3¾" Mini-Sidious by Alec Curto
  Galactic Senate Casting Call by Forgotten Force Members
  3¾" Imperial Dignitaries by Dan Curto
  3¾" "Vader's Secret" Diorama by Frank D'Iorio
  3¾" Corran Horn; Jedi Knight by Jason Fleigel
  3¾" Noghri by Link Stevenz
  3¾" Talon Karrde by Dave Laurente
  3¾" Sith Witch by Carlos Flores
  12" Luke Endor w/Speederbike by Kam Chan
  3¾" General Crix Madine by Jake Robert
  3¾" Kirana Ti by James McAllaster
  3¾" Cloud City Playset by David Syczylo
  3¾" Kyle Katarn by Donald Maue
  3¾" Wampa Cave Diorama by Robb Ott
  3¾" Scale Z-95 Headhunter (revisited) by Aaron Wyant
  3¾" Kir Kanos by Erik Schroeder
  12" Dewback by John Costa
  3¾" General Carlist Rieekan by Phil Cline
  3¾" Teebo by Ashley Prester
  3¾" Early Darth Vader by Peter Flessas
  3¾" Quinlon Vos by Ryan Padden
  3¾" Arden Lyn by pabs77
  3¾" Shirtless Darth Maul by Burn Rourk
  12" Imperial Guard by Morgen Gregory
  3¾" Kam Solusar by Bryan Stoyle
  3¾" Tey How by Dave Cox
  3¾" Joruus C'baoth by Dave Laurente
  12" Tusken Raider by Martin Carter
  3¾" 9000 - Z001 Ubrikkian Speeder by Michael Collins
  3¾" Khamir Sarin by Jeremy Lazar
  3¾" Carnor Jax byTyler Pugmire
  3¾" Crew of the ALACRITY by Scott Corrales
  3¾" Articulated Boba Fett by Rod Anderson
  3¾" Jedi Princess Leia by Dennis Sonnier
  12" Episode II Anakin Skywalker by Tony Colucci
  3¾" Jerec by Mike Miller
  12" Snowtrooper & E-WEB by John Costa
  3¾" Boba Fett by Matt Jackson
  3¾" Kithaba by Thomas Langeveld
  3¾" Kapp Dendo by Chris Rozee
  3¾" Wulf Yularen by David Hannebohn
  3¾" Queen Amidala (Naboo) by Raul N. Del Rosario, M.D.
  3¾" Swoop With Rider by Jake Ebarnathy
  12" Biker Scout by John Costa
  3¾" Jawa Sandcrawler by Alexx Jones
  3¾" Vintage Darth Maul by Peter Flessas
  3¾" Noa by Dennis Sonnier
  3¾" "The Dark Woman" by Keith Abbott
  3¾" Aurra sing by Will Burrows
  3¾" Hrchek Kal Fas by James Dolan
  3¾" Imperial Hanger by Dan Sparks
  3¾" Rebel Taun Taun Trooper by Craig Chawla
  12" Boba Fett with Removable Helmet by Tony Colucci
  Customs Of Us by Forgotten Force Group
  Qui-Gon Jinn Santa Buddy by Steven Lelinski
  3¾" Conceptual Designs Boxed Set by Dan Curto
  3¾" Desert Trooper by John Mitchell
  3¾" Rappertunie by Fernando Diaz
  3¾" Amidala with "Soft Goods" by Raul N. Del Roasrio, M.D.
  Boba Fett Screamin' Model by Nick Nichols
  3¾" Hound's Tooth by Doug Schroeder
  3¾" WED 15-1662 Septoid by Michael Collins
  3¾" Runt (Wraith Squadron Novels) by Amy Provonost
  3¾" Sabe, The Queen's Decoy by Paul Hadsell
  3¾" Baron Soontir Fel by Forgotten Force Group
  3¾" Corran Horn by Brian Stoyle
  3¾" Scale Z-95 Headhunter by Aaron Wyant
  3¾" "Not Too Buff" Stormtrooper by Erik Schroeder
  3¾" Joruus C'baoth by Philippe Soulier
  3¾" General Jan Dodonna by Phil Cline
  12" Qui-Gon Jinn In Tatooine Farmer Disguise by Tony Colucci
  3¾" Mara Jade by Kyle Scuglik
  3¾" Ulic Qel Droma by Ethan Ward
  3¾" Ultimate Obi-Wan Kenobi by Lou Arrico
  3¾" Senate Guard by Harry Portman
  3¾" Ithorian Senator by Keith Paquette
  3¾" Wes Jansen by Steve Rivas
  3¾" Queen Amidala by Stephen Hayford
  3¾" Tessek by Aaron Kirkpatrick
  3¾" Ketwol by Michael Collins
  Cinema Scene: Meeting At Tosche Station by Ashley Prester
  Han Solo Marionette by Michael Coutts
  3¾" Kyle Katarn by Michael Heddle
  3¾" General Crix Madine by David Lane
  3¾" Wullf Yularen by Kevin Kilkenny
  3¾" Jek Porkins by Dave Diaz
  3¾" Gorc From Jedi Knight - Dark Forces II by Dan Curto
  3¾" Mara Jade by Jim Squires
  3¾" Darth Maul by Matthew Jackson
  3¾" Davin Felth by Jeff Byrd
  3¾" Mandalorian Commando by Ryan Bruemmer
  3¾" A-Wing Pilot by Roger Wilsdorf
  3¾" Cay Qel-Droma by Chad Beggs
  3¾" Mace Windu by Tony Rice
  12" Darth Maul by Michael Sherman
  3¾" Dark Jedi by Jerec Morgan Gregory
  3¾" Bogga, Transoshan X-Wing Pilot by Michael Coutts
  3¾" BG-J38 by Brandon Vise
  12" Qui-Gon Jinn by Tony Colucci
  3¾" Weequay by Kyle Scuglik
At the start of September Brickset, the Rebelscum of the LEGO collecting community, canvassed their readers to find out what should the next Ultimate Collector Series, or Master Builder Series, set be. Their answers, which came in thick and fast, were collated and the top fifteen suggestions were polled and Rebelscum gets the duty finding out what you would like to see as the next original Ultimate Collector Series set. Pick your favourite from the options below!
AT-AT Walker
Jedi Temple on Coruscant
A-wing Interceptor
Mos Eisley Cantina
Venator-class Star Destroyer
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