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The Convention: Day 2
Of course, all of the same events were running full tilt on the second day of the convention but there were several new presentations held that day including the highly anticipated “The Future of Star Wars: The DVDs, Episode III and More” by Steve Sansweet. Steve’s was one of the last presentations of the day and there were several other great talks before he took the stage. They were as follows:

Hernan Ibanez – Star Wars Videogames

Gus Lopez – A Tour Through the Biggest Collections in the World

Dubbing Actors – The dubbing of Star Wars movies and cartoons

Luis Galvez – Lili Ledy’s Star Wars Collectibles

Invited Actresses – The Women of Star Wars

Alejandro Becerra – Lili Ledy’s Production from the Inside

Steve Sansweet - The Future of Star Wars: The DVDs, Episode III and More

The Offical Fan Club Mexico – Jedi Duel Performance

The Offical Fan Club Mexico – Custom and Costume Contest and Prizing Ceremony

While I personally found the presentations on Lili Ledy the most interesting, it seemed that Steve Sansweet’s presentation was the one that caused the biggest frenzy with the convention goers. A large line for his talk formed early in the afternoon and unfortunately, many fans were unable to attend, as the auditorium simply could not fit everyone in. Luckily, Steve would do his piece again the following day but contrary to what many people had hoped, Steve’s presentation was not the one he has planned for the San Diego Comic Con. Nonetheless, it certainly kept the fans enthralled.

The Future of Star Wars: The DVDs, Episode III and More – An Overview Steve Sansweet’s entire presentation, save the video clips, was in Spanish so unfortunately, I was only able to pick out the portions that I could understand. After a brief introduction, Steve played a greeting from Rick McCallum, spoke some more and then played the first of many Hyperspace video clips; this being one on the making of General Grevious. Other videos and talks were to follow:

  • “We Still Do a Little Bit” which showed some traditional effects still being employed by LFL in their film making techniques.
  • A prop piece called “This Weapon is Your Life”.
  • A short “Before the Helmet” clip which showed some new characters and interesting costumes.
  • “Epic Designs” which was a short feature on Trisha Biggar and her costume department.
  • “Video Village” was a look at the new plasma screen monitors that were used in filming Episode III.
  • A short film from the VES awards done by Flash Film Works which parodied “A Wonderful Life” and took a look what the world would be like if George Lucas had never been born.
  • A quick look at the upcoming DVD.
  • “Connections”, a short Hyperspace clip similar to the old “Making of Star Wars” film hosted by C-3P0 and R2-D2 which tied all of the movies together.
  • A plug for Celebration 3.
  • Random Stills from the Saga.

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