Star Wars #8
February 1978
"Eight for Aduba-3", 17ppg, $0.35

Writer, Editor: Roy Thomas
Artist, Co-Plotter: Howard Chaykin
Embellisher, Colorist: Tom Palmer
Letterer: John Costanza
Consulting Editor: Archie Goodwin

Han Solo, Chewbacca

ape-like alien (cantina patron), robot brain alien (cantina patron), Ramiz, Hedji, Amaiza, Don-Wan Kihotay, Jimm (Starkiller Kid), Jaxxon, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia Organa Solo, General Jan Dodonna, Warto

Serji-X Arrogantus

Obi-Wan Kenobi (in Luke's flashback), Darth Vader (in Luke's flashback)

R2-D2 (Artoo Detoo), C-3PO (See Threepio), FE-9Q (Effie)

Yavin 4, Aduba-3

blockade runner

skyspeeder (ridden by the Cloud Riders)

The 'farmers' that showed up in the last panel of the previous issue, appeared more like Asian monks. Ramiz and his buddies have an entirely different appearance (more moisture farmer looking) on the splash page of this issue. These are some of the problems of switching the art team during a storyline.

The lightsaber is referred to as a 'lightsabre' in this issue.

This issue features the column Star-Words with letters from Don DeContreras, Richard J. Bakowski, Steve Pipe, Elbert B. Franklin, and Burt Glass.
As Han tries to understand what the three Aduban farmers are asking him, a large, green scaly spacer, Warto, grabs Solo and tells him to stay away from his blue-skined girlfriend. Han responds by smashing a chair over his head, which only leads him to get punched across the cantina. Warto continues to beat Han up and throws him right into the waiting arms of Chewbacca. Warto then starts punching Chewie, who just doesn't know when to fall over. Suddenly Warto finds himself crashing out the window of the cantina.

Han and Chewie return to the moisture farmer who offered them a job. He introduces himself as Ramiz and lets them know that he needs them to become their champion. He and his people need protection from Serji-X Arrogantus. He steals their banthas, burns their crops and steals their women, and Han must help them. He agrees and tells Chewie that they should look into getting a few more spacers to help.

Shortly, there is a lineup of strange beings outside of Solo's door. The first spacer Han sees that seem to know what he is doing, is Hedji, a spiner. This porcupine-wrestler looking alien shows Solos that he does not need a blaster, but instead can shoot his spines with deadly accuracy. Han hires him on the spot.

Next comes a woman out of Han's past, Amaiza, 'Den-Mother of the Black Hole Gang.' She seems to get the job by her lack of clothing and her serious good looks. The next individual is an old man claiming to be a Jedi Knight, and calling himself Don-Wan Kihotay. He has his own lightsabre and Han agrees to let him join, figuring he won't get in the way too much.

As Kihotay leaves, Warto comes charging up the stairs, forcing his way past a large green rabbit, named Jaxxon, knocking him down. He hops up and kicks the green scaly alien down the stairs. Han is impressed by his fancy foot work and decides to hire Jaxxon.

Finally, Han wonders what the young moisture farmer and his tractor droid are doing here. They boy introduces himself as Jimm, The Starkiller Kid, with his droid FE-9Q, and he wants to get off this rock that he has lived on his whole life. Han agrees to let him tag along as well, as he reminds him of another young moisture farmer he knows.

That same moisture farmer known as Luke Skywalker, is preparing to leave the safety of the fourth moon of Yavin and set out with his droids to find a new hiding place for the Rebels. As he blasts away from the moon, he thinks back about how he got involved with the whole Rebellion, and wonders what Han is up to.

At that same moment Han completes his thought, wondering what Luke is up to. The next morning, the spacers gather just in time to have Serji-X and his Cloud Riders, including the disgruntled Warto, fly up. Serji-X offers to buy off Solo and his crew. Han tells him no way and that he should stay clear of the peasant village. Serji-X laughs at him and blasts off to do his dirty work. Han gathers up his star-hoppers and heads off to help the village.

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