Star Wars #10
April 1978
"Behemoth from the World Below", 17ppg, $0.35

Script: Don Glut
Artist, Co-Plotter: Howard Chaykin
Co-Artist, Embellisher: Tom Palmer
Layouts: Alan Kupperberg
Colorist: Françoise Mouly
Letterer: John Costanza
Co-Plotter/Editor: Roy Thomas
Cover Artist: Rick Hoberg

Aduban behemoth (killed), bantha


Cloud Riders

space cruiser


The cover art is done by Rick Hoberg and is signed by him.

Serji-X is misspelled Sergi-X at one point in the issue.

The lightsaber is referred to as a 'light-sabre' in this issue.

This issue features the column Star-Words with letters from Mike Heisler, Burton Glass, Rod Richards, Pammi Bowen, Doby Dunn, and Nancy E. Porter.
Serji-X and his cloud-riders are being decimated by a large creature summoned forth by the elder shaman of a group of villagers on Aduba-3. The behemoth and it's strange head-laser seem to not even notice Han Solo and his band of mercenary star-hoppers as it creates a giant landslide.

Serji-X refuses to surrender, and decides to attack the monster himself. He realizes that the old shaman is somehow controlling the monster and heads his skyspeeder directly for the elder. He never quite makes it as the beasts gargantuan foot tramples both of them. The remainder of the cloud-riders fall quickly, but the creature is also without its leader and soon goes on a rampage.

Jaxxon decides to charge the beast with his blaster, but loses it when a large pile of rocks fall down. Amaiza pulls him out of the way of another large rock as he tries to retrieve his sidearm. While Han and Chewie pull these two would-be creature killers to safety, Don-Wan Kihotay, believing he is a true Jedi Knight, attempts to cut down the monster.

Elsewhere at that same time, Princess Leia races away from Yavin IV in search of Luke Skywalker. She searches the heavens for any sign of the young rebel who disappeared on his way to discover a new planet to act as a base.

Don-Wan revels in the ways of the Force and manages to dodge the destructive blasts of the creature. Igniting his lightsabre to do battle, causes the monster a momentary pause in its destructive path.

Hedji races out to save the misguided knight, but manages to only anger the creature with his spines. The laser blast from the creatures head catches Hedji square in the chest, vaporizing him.

The creature continues to be distracted as Don-Wan gets closer. Chewie grabs Han and races to save the old man. He grabs the lightsabre from Don-Wan and plunges the energy blade into the chest of the creature. This causes the monster to go berserk and begin lashing out, only to eventually disintegrate.

The remaining star-hoppers return to the village where Merri begins to take a romantic interest in Jimm. She gives Han a kiss on the cheek and thanks him for helping bring out the man in the Starkiller kid. Having been paid, the weary heroes ride on their banthas back to the spaceport. Han realizes that he can get his ship back and revels in the feeling that, for a brief moment, he was a Jedi Knight.

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