Star Wars: Boba Fett #1
December 1995
"Bounty on Bar-Kooda", 46ppg, $3.95

Writer: John Wagner
Artist, Cover Artist: Cam Kennedy
Letterer: Bob Pinaha
Editor: Ryder Windham
Assistant Editor: Jamie S. Rich

Tatooine, Scrapyard City

Slave I, Escape pod, Bloodstar, Bloodstar scout ship

matter transmitter device

Swoop bike

The first in a trilogy of Boba Fett titles by John Wagner and Cam Kennedy.

While marketed as a one-shot Boba Fett book, the number inside indicates that it is #1. Rather than being published as a monthly title, this series of books came out one per year.
On the plains of Tatooine, two Hutt caravans cross paths. Gorga the Hutt casts eyes on the most lovely creature he's ever seen, Anachro the H'unn. Unfortunately her father is Orko, a rival of Gorga's. To claim her heart, and patch the relationship with Orko, Gorga decides to kill the pirate Bar-Kooda, who has been praying on Orko's ships. He orders his majordomo to send for Boba Fett!

On an unknown planet, two swoops are being pursued by Boba Fett through a maze of junk and debris. Fett blasts the trailing swoop out of the air and zaps its surviving passenger with a stun baton. The remaining swoop's riders attempt to trick Fett by hopping off. Unfortunately he hears them and manages blasts one of them. The remaining fugitive hides in a cantina.

As Fett enters the fugitive opens fire, the last mistake he'll ever make. With one shot Fett drops his quarry. He then announces that he is looking for Wim Magwit a.k.a. The Magician. He has information the he is on planet and stresses the need for individuals to step forward.

Elsewhere at a frontier settlement, Magwit, his wife, and two children are performing a magic show for the assembled townsfolk. A local scavenger bursts in and announces that Boba Fett has been seen on planet. After hearing the news, Wim Magwit chokes on a bird during one of his tricks.

Later at a graveyard on the planet, Wim's family and a number of others gather to pay their last respects to the dead magician. Fett arrives and open the casket, inspecting the corpse. He seems satisfied and instructs the pastor to continue.

Even later, Fett returns to the grave site with a gravedigger and exhumes the body, injects it with a serum and brings Magwit back to life. On board Slave I Fett gives his price for the retrieval of Bar-Kooda to Gorga. Outrageous as it is, Gorga agrees, if only to win the love Anachro.

Boba removes Wim from his cage and the magician relates the story of how he came to know Bar-Kooda. He was a magician on a spaceliner hijacked by Bar-Kooda and his pirates, where he was forced to perform. Bar-Kooda threatened Magwit to reveal his secrets, but did not and managed to live to tell about it. Fett proposes a deal in which Magwit can go free and see his family again. Unfortunately he must return with Fett to Bar-Kooda's ship.

Bar-Kooda's scout ship finds an escape pod with Magwit in it and brings it back aboard his ship Bloodstar. The pirate then asks Wim why he shouldn't kill him. The magician can think of no good reason, so Bar-Kooda agrees; but he first asks for one final magic show. The pirates unload all of Magwit's supplies, including a very heavy box that contains a certain bounty hunter.

As the magician puts on a show of card tricks, Boba Fett sneaks out of his hidden box and deals with the two pirate guards. Bar-Kooda requests the hoop trick which Wim more than happily displays. His cards fly through a hoop and disappear. Bar-Kooda decides he can do it as well, and sticks his head through the hoop, only to see -- Boba Fett!

Bar-Kooda is yanked through the hoop, actually a matter transmitter device, by Boba Fett and a fight ensues. Fett manages to gas Bar-Kooda and knock him out. Taking the giant creature over his shoulder, Fett and the magician retreat, under fire, to the escape pod. But, as it belongs to galaxies most notorious bounty hunter, it is no normal escape pod. It fires a barrage of missiles at the airlock, blasting a hole into space for them to escape.

Wim, upset that Fett was to leave him on the Bloodstar, says so to the bounty hunter. Fett gives solice that Wim is freed, a much better fate than is expected for Bar-Kooda.

Back on Tatooine at Orko's palace, a magnificent feast is capped by talk between Gorga and Orko of marriage. To show his good intentions, Gorga has the main course brought out -- Bar-Kooda, cooked with vegetables and fruits with an apple in his mouth and still steaming. Orko asks if he can call the great H'unn, Dad?

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