Star Wars: Boba Fett #3
August 1997
"Murder Most Foul", 46ppg, $3.95

Writer: John Wagner
Artist: Cam Kennedy
Letterer: Steve Dutro
Cover Artist: Mathieu Lauffray
Editor: Bob Cooper
Assistant Editor: Dave Land

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San Diego Comic Con Coverage
The new 75159 UCS Death Star has been announced and it's 99.5% re-release of a set, at an additional $100, that was only retired less than 12 months ago. How do you feel about this addition to the LEGO Star Wars line?
Ecstatic: it's LEGO Star Wars after all!
Great: I didn't get a chance to buy 10188.
Fair to middling: I like to build and it has some nice new additions.
meh: the UCS range is meant to be special.
Harrumph: 10188 is cheaper on eBay.
Fuming: abject failure in market research and imagination.
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