Star Wars: Republic #56
July 2003
"Stormchasers", 22ppg, $2.99

Script: Haden Blackman
Penciler: Brian Ching
Inker: Victor Llamas
Colorist: Joe Wayne
Letterer: Sno Cone Studios
Cover Artist: Tomás Giorello
Book Design: Dave Nestelle
Editor: Randy Stradley
Publisher: Mike Richardson

super battle droid


Jedi, Clone troopers, Nimbus commandos

repulsor boots

All Terrain Armored Transport (AT-AT walker) (prototype), All Terrain Experimental Transport (AT-XT walker), landspeeder

According to the inside cover, the events in this issue takes place 16 months after the Battle of Geonosis, one month after the previous issue.

There is a brief paragraph on the inside cover describing the events of the previous issue. This issue takes place from day 28 to day 35 of the battle.

This issue refers to the characters as Jabiimi Separatists while Insider #69 calls the Jabiimite Separatists.

The AT-XE is not identified within this issue, but is identified from The Clone Wars console video game.

Tae mentions his uncle Nico. This is a reference to Nico Diath who appeared in Republic #53 "Blast Radius". Zule's loss of her arm was detailed in Republic #52.

The padawans are made up of various races which are as follows: Aubrie, Anakin, Tae & Mak are humans, Elora is a Sullustan, Warble is an Aqualish, Zule is Falleen, Vaabesh is a Gand, and Kass is a Zabrak.
Separatist Commander Stratus and his Nimbus commandos are standing over a dead clone troopers and a defeated Twi'lek Jedi General, Norcuna, who is muttering part of the Jedi code involving "no pain, only the Force". Stratus tells the Jedi about the pain and suffering he has seen since the war started before slicing off the Jedi's head with his sword.

At Shelter base two days later, General Leska receives word that Norcuna forces were wiped out near Choal and that she is now in charge. She reflects on the massive losses over the past month. Her intelligence has revealed that Stratus is currently hiding on the razor coast. She orders her troops to mobilize and orders the padawns whose masters had been slain to go with the resupply convoy.

Two days later, the padawans and a squad of clone troopers are defending themsleves from an onslaught of super battle droids. Anakin uses a tactic he and Obi-Wan perfected to ambush the droids. The remaining six padawans discuss their lack of experience and the odds to make it out of this battle. They head back to the convoy so they can deliver supplies to Cobalt Station.

On board their transport, Elora and Tae Diath discuss Anakin's sudden recklessness since his master died. She tells Tae to stay out of Anakin's head, but he can't help it. His telepathy is surging again, so Elora tells him to listen to her mind to calm himself.

Warble asks Zule how she lost her arm. She snaps at Warble before storming off. Vaabesh explains that it is just her defense mechanism.

Elsewhere Mak and Kass are on the lookout for droid patrols when Mak expresses his true feelings for the young padawan and kisses her.

Day thirty three — a Nimbus commando reports to Alto Stratus that a Republic convoy is on its way to Cobalt Station with a group of young Jedi. He smiles and tells his envoy to alert the rest of the Nimbus troops as he'll be leading the attack personally.

The following day, the convoy loses an AT-XT to a well placed mine that it had stepped on. Stratus and his troops come charging in, chaos erupting everywhere. Anakin begins shouting orders but Kass tells him to calm down. She asks him to clear a group of mines ahead of them which he does via the Force, destoying some of the Nimbus commandos in the process.

As a delaying tactic, Elora puts on a pair of the Nimbu repulsor boots and goes racing across the landscape blasting troops with an acquired rifle. Mak uses the Force to detonate some more mines and then passes out, while Kass orders all troops off the battlefield.

Anakin either does not hear or care as he charges Stratus. An explosion blows them both back and unconscious. Vaabesh helps Anakin up as the continue on their mission to Cobalt Station.

Day thirty five, on the Razor Coast, General Leska informs Shelter Base that they have defeated the troops, but took heavy losses, and there was no sign of Alto Stratus. A Nimbus commando helps Startus up from the explosive aftermath of the minefield and informs him that the convoy is continuing onto Cobalt Station. He orders all troops to regroup; then he will raze the Station to the ground.

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