Star Wars: Republic #58
November 2003
"Floodgates", 22ppg, $2.99

Script: Haden Blackman
Penciller: Brian Ching
Inker: Victor Llamas
Colorist: Joe Wayne
Letterer: Michael David Thomas
Cover Artist: Jan Duursema
Book Design: Dave Nestelle
Editor: Randy Stradley
Publisher: Mike Richardson

memory moth

2-1B (Too-Onebee), FX-7, dwarf spider droid, Pollux assassin droids, super battle droid

Jabiim, New Holstice

Clone troopers, Jabiimi soldiers

Republic assault ship, Republic Cruiser

bacta tank

Republic attack gunship, Swoop bike, All Terrain Tactical Enforcer (AT-TE walker), All Terrain Armored Transport (AT-AT walker)

According to the inside cover, the events in this issue takes place 16 months after the Battle of Geonosis.

There is a brief paragraph on the inside cover describing the events of the previous issues. This issue takes place from day 42 to day 43 of the battle, plus the aftermath two days later.

The last page of this issue, when presented in the Last Stand on Jabiim Trade Paperback, is placed chronologically after Republic #59.

One of the memory moths repeats the name Oss Wilum. This was a Jedi from the Tales of the Jedi series. Anakin gives the full names to all the Jedi encountered in this series
As the assaults on Cobalt Station begins, Anakin Skywalker races his swoop bike across the desolate plains of rainy Jabiim. He witnesses first hand the carnage of the war with the Separatists. He stops, confronted by a trio of assassin droids. He throws his ignited lightsaber at them, destroying them before a couple more blast his swoop out from under him. He dispatches one with a Force powered flip and drops a rock on the remaining one. Unfortunately he now has to walk to the evacuation point at the mesa.

The next day at Monsoon Mesa, a solider informs Captain Gillmunn that they have lost contact with Cobalt Station. A single cruiser lands and the captain tells Anakin that the other ships cannot make it through. There is another storm coming and they must leave within the hour. Anakin is the only authority left on the planet and he orders the clones to be evacuated.

Gillmunn strikes Anakin across the face, claiming the Republic is abandoning them. Anakin only confirms it is their fight now. Gillmunn and his men draw their weapons, planning to steal the ships and find safe haven, but Anakin uses a Force choke to make him stand down.

Anakin orders the clones into transport as Gillmunn and his men throw rocks and wave their fists at the departing transports. Anakin looks back at the men he must leave behind. Gillmunn swears he will not forget this. Having reached the outer atmosphere, Anakin sends a message to the Supreme Chancellor that the battle is over and they all lost.

Two days later on the mid-rim planet of New Holstice, the Republic assault ships land and the wounded are taken into the medical facilities. A kaminoan escorts Anakin into a room full of surgical beds, 2-1B droids and bacta tanks. There he meets up with A'sharad Hett and Bhat Jul. They are glad to see that reports of Skywalker's death are false, but mourn the loss of his master, Obi-Wan.

Master Hett takes Anakin into the Jedi sickbay where he and Master Offee have been healing the most seriously wounded. Anakin is introduced to Master Mobari, a badly damaged Jedi, who is not likely to recover. Anakin still feels the Force within her, and tries to massage her heart with his Jedi talents, but it is no use. She slips of into death. Master Hett reminds Anakin that to attempt to stop death only causes more pain and suffering.

A'sharad leads Anakin into a memorial of memory moths that the people of New Holstice have been adding to since the birth of the Republic. It honors the dead Jedi, and Bhat Jul brings a fresh supply of moths to Anakin to release into the memorial.

Anakin whispers the names of the dead Jedi he fought so bravely with on Jabiim, including his own master. Ki-Adi-Mundi comes in and tells Anakin, Bhat and A'sharad that they are to accompany him to Aargonar to continue the battle.

Elsewhere in a prison, Asajj Ventress is tormenting a hooded Obi-Wan Kenobi. She tells him his padawan was killed and that she intends to break his spirit before she kills him.

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