Star Wars: Obsession #4
March 2005
22ppg, $2.99

Script: Haden Blackman
Artist, Cover Artist: Brian Ching
Colorist: Sno Cone Studios
Letterer: Michael David Thomas
Cover Colors: Brad Anderson
Book Design: Debra Bailey
Associate Editor: Jeremy Barlow
Editor: Randy Stradley
Publisher: Mike Richardson

battle droid, super battle droid, JN-66

Boz Pity

Clone troopers

Intervention, Jedi Starfighter [Eta-3], ARC-170 starfighter, Trade Federation Battleship, Trade Federation cruiser, Banking Clan frigate, droid starfighter

According to the inside cover, the events in this issue takes place 5 months before Revenge of the Sith.

During the reentry from Hyperspace, Obi-Wan says something to Anakin in a whisper. It is printed in a very tiny font, and actually says, "Anakin, stay calm. Remember your training."

Alpha appears in Phase II clone armor that has blue highlights on it. This issue marks his return to the series since being sent back to Kamino to train the newer clone commanders (such as Bly, Gree and Cody).

Writer Hayden Blackman goes where no other writer has dared. In this issue he refers to Soon Bayts, a Jedi Master created by Randy Stradley in the Jedi Council series, as…Master Bayts. Ugh! Bayts is spelled once correctly and once as "Baytes".
On the way to the graveyard world of Boz Pity to hunt for Asajj Ventress, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker practicing their lightsaber sparring in the hangar of the Intervention. Mace Windu interrupts them, saying that they have a mission to plan. He takes them onto the observation room where eight other Jedi are gathered ready to get to work.

Anakin thanks everyone for coming to help, but Master Kit Fisto says they have all been assigned to the outer rim campaign and the fact that there are over a hundred warships surrounding Boz Pity makes it a priority, whether or not Ventress is alive. Anakin is assigned to pilot the Republic attack cruiser out of hyperspace between the blockade and the planet. In order to perform this dangerous technique they need to override the ships systems, relying solely on Anakin's skills and his connection to the Force.

Alarms begin shrieking as they enter the system. Anakin reverts from hyperspace past the blockade ships, but he has gone too far and the Republic vessel is caught in the planet's gravity. Master Windu orders Master Tiin to launch his squadron of Jedi Starfighters as the larger ship crashes into a plain on Boz Pity.

Saesee Tiin and his squadron of Jedi starfighters and ARC-170's engages the droid ships in the atmosphere while Alpha, the Jedi and the clones troopers discover the Confederacy's base near the crash site. They engage the battle droids and work themselves to the front entrance of the base.

Adi Gallia and Soon Bayts head to secure the entrance. Master Bayts notices General Grievous coming up behind Master Gallia and steps between them, sacrificing himself for her. Grievous knocks Adi out of the way and goes on to slaughter a handful of clone troops while Master Windu calls for the Jedi to regroup.

Meanwhile Obi-wan has entered the base and is shocked at what he finds: Asajj Ventress in a bacta tank.

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