Star Wars: Obsession #5
April 2005
22ppg, $2.99

Script: Haden Blackman
Artist, Cover Artist: Brian Ching
Colorist: Sno Cone Studios
Letterer: Michael David Thomas
Cover Colors: Brad Anderson
Book Design: Debra Bailey
Associate Editor: Jeremy Barlow
Editor: Randy Stradley
Publisher: Mike Richardson

JN-66, MagnaGuard, battle droid

Clone troopers

Neimoidian shuttle, medical frigate, Bright Flight

STAP (Single Trooper Aerial Platform)

According to the inside cover, the events in this issue takes place 5 months before Revenge of the Sith.
In the medical center of the Confederacy base on Boz Pity, Obi-Wan Kenobi stares at the form of Asajj Ventress, floating in the bacta tank. Count Dooku and a pair of his magna guards approach the lone Jedi. Obi-Wan blames Dooku for misleading her and putting her in this condition. While Dooku counters that she was already consumed by hatred when he found her, just as he can feel the hate in her even now.

With that, Ventress awakens in the tank and, using her hate, shatters the plastisteel structure. She advances on Kenobi, blaming him for her problems as Dooku tosses her lightsabers to her.

Out on the battlefield, Adi Gallia, ARC trooper Alpha and squad seven stand over the dead body of Soon Bayts, firing on the battle droid armies when General Grievous appears from nowhere behind them with a pair of magna guards. Master Gallia takes out the guard droids, while Grievous makes quick work of the clones including stabbing Alpha with a lightsaber. Master Gallia takes on Grievous but is shocked when he reveals an extra set of arms, stabbing her with another lightsaber, Distraught by the loss of a fellow council member Mace Windu drops a STAP on Grievous using the Force.

Anakin Skywalker and Kit Fisto attend to Alpha, who begs them to give him a gun so he can continue cutting down droids even if he can't walk. They wonder how Obi-Wan is making out, as his body crashes out the side of the base and lands near them; Ventress leaping out after him.

Anakin jumps to fight Ventress, but Obi-Wan holds him back. She claims that Obi-Wan will never be able to convert her back for Dooku's cause. Dooku, who meanwhile avoids combat with Mace Windu to allow another of his magna guards to recover Grievous' body and then make their escape. Ventress runs after Dooku, hoping to go with him, but he orders his guard to shoot her. She falls on the field of battle.

Obi-Wan, seeing her injury comes to her, still believing that there is good in her; still believing that she can be turned. Ventress, weakly blames Kenobi for driving her Master away and pulls up a sharp piece of metal to stab him. Anakin manages to stop her and she passes out.

Obi-Wan cannot fathom that she never stopped hating him, but he thanks Anakin for the save. They return her body to the landing site and place her aboard one of the medical frigates for a proper funeral on Coruscant.

En route, two days later, as the pilot and co-pilot of the frigate are seeing an issue with the life support numbers, a newly revived Ventress enters the bridge. She demands that they fly the ship far away from the war, Dooku and the Jedi.

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