Star Wars: Panel to Panel – Expanding the Universe #2
May 2007
192ppg, $19.95

Writer, Editor: Randy Stradley
Cover Artist: Tomás Giorello
Frontspiece: Tsuneo Sanda
Book Design: Tony Ong
Art Director: Lia Ribacchi
Assistant Editor: Dave Marshall
Assistant Editor: Jeremy Barlow
Publisher: Mike Richardson

Besides showing of the most stunning art from recent series (such as Rebellion and Legacy) and favorite EU characters (like Villie and Quinlan) writer Randy Stradley adds notes and errata to a majority of the artwork. This text puts the art in perspective, plus allows readers unfamiliar with the events to catch up.

The book breaks itself down into six sections: "The Old, Old Republic", "Countdown to Empire", "The Dark Times", "The Rebellion", "Return of the Sith", "Wild Space", plus a Galaxy Map, an index of artists, and a timeline.

A frontpiece by Japanese artist Tsuneo Sanda (which will be given away as a poster at Celebration IV) which features 110 characters, creatures and vehicles from Dark Horse. The key for this art is listed in back, in case you can't figure out what everything is.

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