Chapter VII: The Resistance

Having captured Rey, the First Order hurriedly withdraws from Takodana, their forces overrun by reinforcements from the Resistance.

Back at the Starkiller facility, Kylo Ren attempts to use his powers to extract the location of Luke Skywalker from Rey. To his surprise, she is able to resist...

While on D'Qar Finn is finally reunited with Poe and all is well again. But oh noes, Starkiller Base is heading their way and the Resistance has to scramble to prepare an assault force. Unfortunately the briefing room is inaccessible and so the players have to work through a sequence of builds, puzzles and character swaps to unlock the blast door that is keeping them out. Once through BB-8 is able to add his data to the map to Skywalker. Joy!

But before the Resistance can recall the last Jedi they have to deal with the imminent threat of the First Order. The players now have to prep the Millennium Falcon and equip the away team with all the necessary supplies - including enough Wookiee cookies to keep a bunch of padawans on an excursion from the Jedi Temple on a major sugar bender - for the assault. This section has quite a lot of new dialogue from General Leia which Carrie Fisher recorded specially for the game.

Unfortunately a beleaguered Sullustan won't give the players access to the extra rations of Wookiee cookies that Chewbacca has demanded (those prima donnas and their riders!), so the players have to secure a supply of ice cream to persuade the jowly alien to let them in. This puzzle sequence is a bit of a cop out because of instead of building, swapping and solving all that needs to be done is to roll BB-8 on a spin plate while the other characters watch a video screen showing the puzzle being solved automatically.

After a series of problems to get the equipment loaded on to the Falcon the crew board and it's off to battle - but not before the she needs yet more repairs. You'd think that with all the effort that goes into keeping this aged YT freighter working the Resistance would stick their hands in their wallet and get something a bit more dependable.

Chapter VIII: Starkiller Sabotage

With the Starkiller’s next target confirmed as their base of operations, the Resistance puts a desperate plan into action to destroy the vast superweapon.

Unable to get through the defensive shields surrounding the Starkiller, Han Solo, Finn and Chewbacca attempt a daring infiltration ploy...

With the Millennium Falcon firmly buried in a snow bank the players, as Han, Finn and Chewbacca, have to make their way across the surface of the planet and find away in to the base.

Once in it, unsurprisingly, doesn't get easier and as the players sneak under patrolling TIEs they have to blast their way through hordes of First Order ground troops. One particularly attentive turbo laser needs an inventive solution, one which harkens back to The Empire Strikes Back and involves a MINI snowspeeder and a tow cable.

With only 15 minutes before the superweapon is fully charged the players make their way into the interior of the base. With some subterfuge, co-operative play and lateral thinking our heroes end up in a face-off with Phasma which brings the level to a close.

Chapter IX: Destroy Starkiller Base

Having deactivated the shields, Finn, Han Solo and Chewbacca head deeper into Starkiller Base in search of Rey.

Meanwhile, Poe Dameron leads the Resistance pilots towards the icy planet, hoping to destroy the Oscillator and cripple the Starkiller superweapon once and for all. If they fail, it will mean the end of the Resistance...

With the completion of chapter eight the scenery shifts back to D'Qar where the players have to help marshal the Starfighter Corps' pilots and astromechs. Before they can take off Snap Wexley's droid goes on the fritz so the players have to find a replacement and see it into loaded into his T-85 X-wing.

When the squadron completes their jump they find themselves in a dogfight to secure the airspace over the oscillator. With enough TIEs downed the game jumps to Rey, who is trying to escape Starkiller Base.

With help from a Force bamboozled stormtrooper, FN-1824, Rey works her way from room to corridor and across chasms until she bumps into Han, Chewbacca and Finn. Together they revise the plan and split up - Rey and Finn work their way to the surface in order to disable the shield over the oscillator, while Han and Chewbacca head deeper into the First Order base to set charges on the thermal oscillator. Of course all of this is a prelude to that fateful and final conversation between Han Senior and Junior.

Once the charges are set it's just for Finn and Rey to make their way back to the Falcon and their only chance to escape the planet before it turns itself into a million LEGO bricks.

Chapter X: The Finale

After Han Solo’s fateful confrontation with Kylo Ren in the heart of the oscillator, Finn, Rey and Chewbacca have fled into the snowy wastes.

High above, a battle rages in the skies with the Resistance forces vastly outnumbered. With the X-wings seemingly unable to break through the oscillator’s defences, the fate of the entire galaxy hangs in the balance...

The level begins with Resistance X-wings attempting to regain aerial superiority against an onslaught of TIE Fighters. With the First Order's enemy fighter craft depleted it is on to the trench run, ducking and diving passed the station defenses before launching the assault on the thermal oscillator. With this successfully achieved the destruction of Starkiller Base begins.

On the surface Kylo Ren attempts to prevent Finn and Rey from leaving. While Rey, who is dazed and contused from being Force hurled against a tree (not a nice way to treat someone you are trying to lure to the Dark Side is it?), staggers through the snow-laced pines Finn battle Kyloe Ren, mano e mano.

Just as Finn is about to defeat Ren he is Force shoved against a tree and knocked out cold. A cut scene shows Kylo trying to Force levitate Finn's sabre over to him. An almost indiscernable clip of dialogue is sure to draw a laugh: I could just walk over and pick it up but it wouldn't look as cool.

Luckily Rey arrives and is able to retrieve Finn's dropped lightsabre. Taking up the battle it's Rey's turn to duel with the leader of the Knights of Ren, while Finn attempts to assist (somewhat weakly it must be said). At this point the game play becomes stilted as certain puzzles and mini quests must be completed by Finn before the next stage of the Rey/Ren duel can continue. Occasionally the characters meet up and some duel play action takes place, helping to up the pace again.

Ultimately Rey beats Ren down and, in a fight sequence reminiscent to Luke's duel with Vader at the end of Return of the Jedi, Ren is defeated and skulks off into the woods.

Following a trail of Wookiee cookies Finn and Rey make it back to the Millennium Falcon and manage to escape the Starkiller Base before it converts itself into a star. Meanwhile back on D'Qar R2-D2 has finished his decades long hibernation sequence and quickly reboots to compile the Skywalker map.

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