Besides all the terrific events, there is of course plenty to buy at the show - and many of the items will only be available at the event!

Click on any of these names to see a sample of their artwork available at C4.

John AlvinJohn Alvin
If There's A Bright Center
24in x 36in
Available in Celebration Store
John AlvinJohn Alvin
Episode IV Decade III
21in x 36in.
Limited to 250
Steve AndersonSteve Anderson
The Dark Avenger
18in x 24in
Limited to 250
Mark BrooksMark Brooks
A Long Time Ago, Far Far Away
20in x 30in, Printed on heavy matte finish archival card stock, with a "remarque" or "sketch" on the print, the price will be $75.00. To reserve a print contact Mark at
Limited to 250
Matt BuschMatt Busch
Star Wars 30th Anniversary / Villains Style
24in x 36in on thick 100 lb cover stock with an aqueous coat, signed and numbered; Folks purchasing this print will also get a free signed and numbered Matt Busch sketchbook!
Limited to 250
Jeff CarlisleJeff Carlisle
18in x 24in
Limited to 250
Richard ChasemoreRichard Chasemore
TIE Bomber
20in x 16in, if you also buy Hans Jenssen's print as well the cost is $50 for both.
Limited to 250
Mark ChiarelloMark Chiarello
Enlist Now
Limited to 250
Justin ChungJustin Chung
Star Wars 30th Anniversary
15.5in x 24in Lithograph
Limited to 250
Joe CorroneyJoe Corroney
The First Thirty Years
19in x 24in, signed and numbered, To have a print held for pickup at the show, please see this page at Corroney's website.
Limited to 250
Cynthia CummensCynthia Cummens
12in x 18in, to reserve a print, email Cynthia with a subject of "Celebration IV Print"
Limited to 250
Brian DenhamBrian Denham
Light and Magic
18in x 24in
Limited to 250
Dave DormanDave Dorman
Lord Vader's Persuasion of the Outer Rim World to Join the Imperial Alliance
20in x 36in, To have a print held for pickup at the show, please see this page at Dorman's website.
Limited to 250
Jan DuursemaJan Duursema
18in x 24in.
Limited to 250
Tommy Lee EdwardsTommy Lee Edwards
Skywalker 30 Years
20in x 30in, on a 100 # cold-press stock
Limited to 250
Scott ErwertScott Erwert
Luke and Leia ponder the depth of the Death Star chasm
No price listed
Limited to 250
Grant GouldGrant Gould
A New Hope
11in x 17in printed on heavy gloss stock w/ full black-border bleed; to pre-order a print visit Grant's website.
Limited to 250
Robert HendricksonRobert Hendrickson
In a galaxy far, far away....
16in x 28in lithograph
Limited to 250
Tom HodgesTom Hodges
One More Season
18in x 24in. To have a print held for pickup at the show, please visit this story.
Limited to 250
Craig HowellCraig Howell
30th Anniversary
No price listed
Limited to 250
Adam HughesAdam Hughes
Nouveau Leia
17in x 39in, aka 'The Mighty Dune Sea & Jabba Cruises Present: Last Daughter of Alderaan'
Limited to 250
1977 - A long time ago...
16.5in x 23in, signed and numbered; 1st 30 prints will also receive a signed Ltd edition Boba Fett postcard.
Limited to 250
Hans JenssenHans Jenssen
B-Wing Starfighter
20in x 16in, if you also buy Richard Chasemore's print as well the cost is $50 for both.
Limited to 250
Randy MartinezRandy Martinez
24in x 36in. Purchase this "store" print and the Artist print and get a free sketch book while supplies last.
Available in Celebration Store
Randy MartinezRandy Martinez
Sith- The Power of the Dark Side, Live at the Hollywood Bowl
27in x 40in, Movie Poster Size
Limited to 250
Ralph McQuarrieRalph McQuarrie
Droids in the Desert
Limited to 125
Ralph McQuarrieRalph McQuarrie
Laser Duel
Limited to 125
Clark MitchellClark Mitchell
18in x 24in, 100 pound velvet weave archival stock paper.
Limited to 250
Monte MooreMonte Moore
A Balance of Force
Rebel - 13in x 19in, $50, 125pc on archival watercolor paper; Jedi - 18in x 27in, $100, 75pc on archival photo luster paper; Emperors - 24in x 36in, $200, 25pc on archival photo luster paper & 25pc giclee prints on archival artists canvas; all signed and numbered.
Limited to 250
Terese NielsenTerese Nielsen
16.5in x 6.5in, $75, 100pc on heavy weight water color paper; 19in x 9in, $100, 143pc on heavy weight water color paper; 32in x 14.5in, $150, 7 pc on archival heavy weight matte paper. See this story for full details.
Limited to 250
Phil NotoPhil Noto
11.5in x 16.5in.
Limited to 250
William O'NeillWilliam O'Neill
Kill Sith!
18Åhx24Åh Lithograph Print on beautiful 16 pt gloss stock, The first 100 to purchase the ÅgKill SithÅh print will also receive a bonus 8 1/2 x 11 ÅgSigned Pin-UpÅh at no extra charge.
Limited to 250
Jason PalmerJason Palmer
Final piece to be revealed at show. See the individual drawings at
No price listed
Limited to 250
Ken PhippsKen Phipps
The First 30 Years
Signed and Numbered,
24in x 36in, (not available at CE)
Limited to 250
Kilian PlunkettKilian Plunkett
No price listed
Limited to 250
Amy PronovostAmy Pronovost
Utinni! 30!
13in x 19in lithograph, to reserve a print, please visit Amy's website.
Limited to 250
Mark RaatsMark Raats
Luke Skywalker
39.5in x 9in; 100 pound paper stock with aqueous coating; signed
Limited to 250
David RabbitteDavid Rabbitte
12in x 18in; individually numbered.
Limited to 250
Brian RoodBrian Rood
A New Hope
24ion x 36in, Printed on 80 pound acid free archival stock and ink.
Limited to 250
Tsuneo SandaTsuneo Sanda
Star Wars Saga
594mm x 420mm; lithograph & silk
Limited to 250
Dave SeelyDave Seely
Rogue Leader
13in x 19in archival print on satin finish - $60; 24in x 36in archival print on matte finish - $150. To reserve a print, please see this story.
Limited to 250
Howard M. ShumHoward M. Shum
13in x 19in.
Limited to 250
Allison SohnAllison Sohn
The Princess
18in x 24in
Limited to 250
Cat StaggsCat Staggs
Spirit of '77
18in x 24in Lithograph. To have a print held for pickup at the show, please email with the subject heading CIV Print reserve.
Limited to 250
Ken SteacyKen Steacy
Limited to 250
Chris TrevasChris Trevas
Thirty Years of the Force
18in x 24in
Limited to 250
Malcolm TweenMalcolm Tween
18in x 12in lithographic print
Limited to 250
Jerry VandersteltJerry Vanderstelt
Limited Edition Lithograph, 24in x 36in, Comes with signed Certificate of Authenticity. Shipping tube included.
Limited to 250
Russell WalksRussell Walks
24in x 36in, 80 lb matte archival inks. The print is designed as a diptych, and will, if the buyer wishes, be signed twice so that it can be cut in half and displayed as two 18 x 24 inch pieces.
Limited to 250
Marc WolfeMarc Wolfe
Join The Fight!
18in x 24in Lithograph. To have a print held for pickup at the show, please visit this page.
Limited to 250
Brent WoodsideBrent Woodside
$30 for the print and a sketch on the print
Limited to 250

Here's list of the celebrities schedule to appear at Celebration IV and how many tickets you are gonna need. All guests are scheduled for Thursday thru Monday unless otherwise noted.

For more information, checkout the website.

Coupons - $10 per coupon

Anthony Daniels ($35)
Carrie Fisher ($35 - Fri/Sat)
Jake Lloyd ($25 - Sat/Sun)

(appearing all 5 days unless listed otherwise)
Amy Allen (2c)
Kenny Baker (2c)
Lightning Bear (1c)
Jerome Blake (1c)
Paul Blake (1c)
Richard Bonehill (1c)
Michonne Borrriague (1c)
Jeremy Bulloch (2c)
Debbie Carrington (1c)
Mike Carter (2c)
Ken Colley (1c)
John Coppinger (1c)
Sean Crawford (1c)
Dermot Crowley (1c)
Grey DeLisle (2c - Sat/Sun)
Tim Dry (1c)
Mike Edmonds (1c)
Nina Fallon (2c)
Anthony Forrest (2c)
Rusty Goffe (1c)
Julian Glover (2c)
Garrick Hagon (1c)
Colin Higgins (1c)
Barrie Holland (1c)
Gerald Home (1c)
Zach Jensen (2c)
Tom Kane (2c - Sat/Sun)
Mike Kingma (2c)
Nalini Krishan (1c)
Richard LeParmentier (1c)
Ian Liston (1c)
Daniel Logan (1c)
Mat Lucas (2c - Sat/Sun)
Peter Mayhew (2c)
Shannon McRandle (1c)
Temura Morrison (2c)
Rena Owen (1c)
Mary Oyaya (1c)
Ray Park (2c)
Bonnie Piesse (2c)
Dave Prowse (3c)
Tim Rose (1c)
George Roubicek (2c)
Alan Ruscoe (1c)
Margo Schellhorn (1c)
Andy Secombe (1c)
Orli Shoshan (2c)
Felix Silla (1c)
Bruce Spence (2c)
Femi Taylor (1c)
Kevin Thompson (1c)
Howie Weed (2c - Thu-Sun)
Simon Williamson (1c)
Matthew Wood (2c)

There is no shortage of items that can only be purchased at the show. You'll need a Sandcrawler to carry 'em all!

Acme Archives (401)
- Tarkin Key Cel - Limited to 1250 pieces. $30
Celebration IV (Gen-Con-Celebration Store)
- Official Poster
- McQuarrie Droids action figure

Fathead (527)

- Star Wars Clone Wars Yoda - Limitd to 250 pieces. $119

Gentle Giant (901)

- Commander Gree mini bust. $46.19
- Darth Malak mini bust. $46.19
- Spirit of Yoda mini bust. $46.19
- Yoda & R2-D2 maquette. $69.28
- Han Solo and Luke Skywalker in Stormtrooper Disguise Bust-Ups. $9.24

Hasbro (513)

- McQuarrie Luke Skywalker action figure
- Star Wars Battle Figure Stand Pack

Hollywood Heroes (1015)

- Droids/Ewoks/POTF2 Poster. Free to the first 150 people who make a purchase of $100 or more.

Kotobukiya (921)

- Yoda: Spirit of the Force ARTFX statue. Limited to 1138 pieces. $60
- R2-D2 Kiriko Glassware. Limited to less than 200 pieces. $35

Mello Smello (704)

each is 26in x 18in, limited to 500 pieces. $75 each
- Anakin/Palpatine print
- Empire At War print
- Boba Fett print
- Slave Leia print
- Palpatine/Vader print

Sideshow Collectibles (410)

- Luke Skywalker Rebel Hero: Yavin IV 12-inch Figure. Limited to 6000 piece. $54.99
- 30th Anniversary 'This is No Cave' Space Slug Enviorama. Limited to 2000 pieces. $69.99
- 30th Anniversary Exclusive Medicom Toy Sandtrooper. Limited to 1000 pieces. $139.99

Star Wars Shop (419)

- Animated Boba Fett (Classic Animation) Maquette
- Star Wars Insider #94 commemorative cover

Titan Magazines (224)

- Star Wars Insider #94 commemorative cover 

- Fanboys Prequel Comic

Some of these items are free, some will cost ya.

StarWarsShop (419) have posted 10 exclusives they will have available in their booth at Celebration IV. Here's a list of them. Photos and pre-order info can be found right here!

  • 30th Anniversary Poster: Redemption
  • Classic Animation Boba Fett Maquette
  • Samurai Vader Armor and Helmet
  • Samurai Vader Helmet
  • Star Wars 30th Anniversary Tee
  • Trooper and Bones Military-Style Hat
  • Skywalker Ranch Baseball Cap
  • Lucasfilm Logo Adult T-Shirt
  • Unisex Trooper and Crossbones T-Shirt
  • Ladies Trooper andCrossbones T-Shirt

    More info at!

    Art of Ralph McQuarrie (813)
    Book by Stan Stice and John Scoleri, Bookmarks and Bookplates

    The Force in The Flesh Book (Hall G)
    A fantastic look at the art of Star Wars tattoos, put together by our very own Shane Turgeon!

    I Love My Star Wars Tattoo T-Shirt
    It's the next best thing to getting a tattoo!

    Tattoos and Toys T-Shirt and Pins

    Dark Horse (1121)
    Poster of frontspiece Tsuneo Sanda did for Panel to Panel Volume 2

    DK Publishing (825)
    You Can Draw Star Wars DVD

    Collector's Panels (511ABC)
    Exclusive Collector Panel Medallions

    DCSWCC Freebies
    DCSWCC Chewbacca Pins
    OSWCC 10th anniversary patches & buttons
    Force-Cast Freebies
    R2-D2 Central Freebies

    Some booth will have special guests popping by at different times during the show. Check the booths for the schedule.

    Dark Horse Comics (1121)
    - Randy Stradley (Dark Times & Legacy)
    - Jeremy Barlow (KOTOR & Rebellion)
    - John Jackson Miller (writer)
    - Brian Ching (artist)
    - Michael Atiyeh (colorist)
    - Michael Heisler (letterer)
    - John Ostrander (writer)
    - Jan Duursema (artist)
    - Adam Hughes (covers)
    - Tsuneo Sanda (Panel to Panel Vol. 2)
    - Plus Sue Rostoni from Lucasfilm

    Del Rey Books (912)
    - J.W. Rinzler (Making of Star Wars)
    - Karen Traviss (Bloodlines, Sacrifice)
    - Aaron Allston (Betrayal, Exile)
    - Troy Denning (Tempest, Inferno)

    DK Publishing (825)
    - Bonnie Burton, Tom Hodges, Matt Busch (You Can Draw Star Wars) (5/25 2-3p, 5/26 11a-12p, 5/27 4p-5, 5/28 3-4p)
    - Ryder Windham (The Ultimate Visual Guide) (5/26 3-4p & 5/27 2-3p)
    - Richard Chasemore, Hans Jenssen (Incredible Cross Sections) (5/26 2-3p, 5/27 3-4p, 5/28 11-12:30p)
    - Rich Cando (Star Dudes)

    StarWarsShop (419)
    - Drew Struzan (5/24 1-3p & 5-7p)
    - John Ostrander & Jan Duursema (5/26 12-2p)
    - John Broslio (5/25 12-2p & 5/26 3-4p)
    - John Kellerman (5/25 3-4p & 5/27 11a-1p)

    Looking for someone? Here's where the Vendors are located.

    A Wrinkle In Time (104)
    ACME Archives Ltd. (401)
    Action Figure Authority Inc. (609)
    Action Figure Freddy LLC (406)
    Anthony Grandio Company (418)
    Art of Ralph McQuarrie (813)
    Atomic Age Collectibles (911)
    B&D Starwars (302)
    Barbarian Battles (504)
    Big Lou's Toys & Collectibles (207)
    Brian's Toys (701)
    Cartamundi Inc. (509)
    Cee Collectibles (303)
    Cloud City (407)
    Collectible Investment Brokerage (609)
    Collector Books (1120)
    Collectors Rebellion (709)
    Comic Images (1201) (118)
    Consumer Systems Co. (700)
    Corellian Imports (507)
    Dark Horse Comics (1121)
    Darkside Collectibles (405)
    Dave Seeley (1021)
    Del Rey/Prima Games/RH Audio (912)
    DK Publishing (825) (606)
    Endless World (307)
    Fathead (527) (821)
    Genesis Group Dist. (906)
    Gentle Giant Studios (901)
    Hallmark Cards Inc. (425)
    Hasbro Inc. (513)
    Heroes In Action (918)
    Hollywood Heroes (1015)
    Imperial Out Post Toys (902)
    Imperial Quartermaster Collectibles (908)
    Intergalactic Trading (501)
    J-List (924)
    John Alvin (1119)
    JunkFood (727)
    Kif's Collectibles (524)
    Kotobukiya (921)
    Lego Systems Inc. (314)
    Lightspeed Fine Arts (1013)
    Limited Edition Collectibles Inc. (126)
    LucasArts (627)
    Maverick Marketing (Monte Moore) (100)
    Mimoco (420)
    Modelers or Mice (819)
    Nikko Home Electronics (105)
    Pin USA 300 (300) (1211)
    Rick Dignan The Dreams Collection (702)
    Rolling Thunder (Dave Dorman) (917)
    Rubies Costume Co. (803)
    Sideshow Collectibles (410)
    Sorry! No Subtitles (1205)
    Stang's Collectibles (601)
    Star Wars Shop (419)
    Starbase Atlanta Inc. (801) (119) (225)
    Things From Another World (325)
    Titan Magazines (224)
    Topps Company Inc. (110)
    Topps Vault (110)
    Toy Anxiet (808)
    Toy Cave (101)
    Toy Rocket Inc. (301)
    Toynk Toys (201)
    Toytropolis (402)
    Triangle Cards (1207)
    VividVision by Mello Smello (704)
    Wizards of the Coast (513)
    WizKids (110)

    Exhibitor Locator