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This is what Gentle Giant themselves had to say about their Star Wars items:

Sy Snootles is the second of our Max Rebo Band Mini Busts. Everyone's going to want this companion piece to our Droopy McCool and Max Rebo busts

The Power Droid is the newest figure in our Jumbo Kenner Vintage line. We leaked this piece on a webisode of Toy Hunters a few months ago and he caused quite a stir among our collectors ? they're very excited about it!

The AT-AT Walker Bookends are the first bookends we've created inspired by a vehicle. They're very unique, and are sure to catch the eye of both hardcore collectors and casual Star Wars fans alike.

Sy Snootles Mini Bust - $75
License: Star Wars>
Item Number: 80205
UPC: 8-71810-00966-4
Dimensions: H 6" W 7 ?" D 3 5/8"
Release Date: Q2 2013

Sy Snootles was a Pa'lowick singer, and was also the lead vocalist for the Max Rebo Band while they were playing for Jabba the Hutt. She witnessed the downfall of Jabba firsthand, and is one of the few survivors of the ill-fated attempted execution of Luke Skywalker at the Pit of Carkoon.

Reunite the Max Rebo Band in your own collection, starting with the Sy Snootles Mini Bust! Hand crafted by the master artisans at Gentle Giant Ltd., the Sy Snootles Mini Bust is a faithful recreation of the original character down to the smallest features. No other collectable in the galaxy can claim the same level of detail. Rendered in high-quality polystone and hand painted, each of these limited edition mini busts are individually numbered and come with a matching certificate of authenticity.

Power Droid Kenner Jumbo Figure - $90
License: Star Wars
Item Number: 80263
UPC: 8-71810-00968-8
Dimensions: H 12" W 5" D 3"
Release Date: Q2 2013

Just like they were when you were a kid, only BIGGER! Gentle Giant continues on with their new line of vintage Star Wars Action figure reproductions with the release of this classic Power Droid!!

Digitally scanned from mint 3 3/4" Kenner originals and reproduced to a substantial 7 1/2" tall. Nothing has been overlooked. Roto and injection molded and made of durable plastics, this jumbo figure is fully articulated with "clicking" leg movement faithfully reproduced to be just like the original.

That?s not all, this classic Kenner creation comes packaged on a 1977, Star Wars inspired blister card, featuring original front and "21 back" artwork, in a re-sealable plastic outer clam shell to help protect and display!

AT-AT Bookends - $225
License: Star Wars
Item Number: 80296
UPC: 8-71810-00967-1
Dimensions: H 8 ?" W 5 ?" D 6 ?" Each half
Release Date: Q2 2013

First seen on screen at the Battle of Hoth, the feared AT-AT is the primary assault vehicle of the Galactic Empire for large-scale ground warfare. Tasked with destroying the Rebel?s shield generator, the Imperial AT-AT Walkers completed their objective with ruthless efficiency, laying waste to many Rebel soldiers, vehicles, and installations in the process.

Bring home the terrifying metal behemoths of The Empire Strikes Back! Cast in high quality polystone and then hand painted, each bookend is numbered and comes complete with a matching limited edition certificate of authenticity. Whether they?re holding up an assortment of media or on display proudly by themselves, these collectible bookends are sure to add enjoyment to any home or office.

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