Posted by Curto on July 23, 2004 at 03:25 PM CST
Like the title says, here are the highlights from the Q&A session at Comic-Con, in no particular order. Keep in mind the phrase "While we are always looking at possible releases, nothing is planned at this time."

  • The color rank of the upcoming animated ARC Trooper will be determined later. Fans can have a say between red and blue.
  • No plans at this time for a carded Wedge Antilles.
  • No new vehicles are planned at this time.
  • If another Tusken Raider is scheduled, he will come with a Gaffi stick. The OTC version is obviously based on the Episode I character.
  • There ARE more red Unleashed Clone Troopers on the patient. The good news is that Wal-Mart and Target stores will now be carrying this line.
  • The OTC Star Wars Buddies will consist of five dolls. No plans beyond this. Should sales demand it, more can be made.
  • There is no Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight) with the correct belt planned at this time.
  • Except for the Clone Wars animated line, there are no Expanded Universe figures currently planned. When asked which characters fans would like to see, Jacen and Jaina Solo were the most requested characters.
  • Other than the 4 OTC figures, there are no other 12" figures planned at this time.
  • An official George Lucas figure is not planned. The closest we're likely to see is the Jorg Sacul figure from 2002.
  • As anyone who has seen the OTC line already knows, the Jedi Master Points are gone. There are no plans to bring them back. However, any future promotions or redemptions will/should accept them.
  • While virtually everyone on the planet wants a Death Star playset, there are no plans at this time.
  • There are plans for releasing playsets different than what has been seen in the past, but nothing concrete at this time. (I'm guessing some kind of modular playset, perhaps pieces included in other toys that can be assembled together to make a larger one. Perhaps not.)
  • As technology and sculpting improves, more articulation is being added to future figures.
  • There are no plans for future waves of the Vintage OTC figures, although when asked if more were desired, the crowd enthusiastically answered "YES!"
  • While a favorite of Hasbro, there will not be any Action Fleet items in 2005.
  • The various multipacks re-use so many existing figures (for example, the Jedi Council sets) as a means to both meet demands of fans and to keep costs down.
  • The Unleashed Darth Vader that is coming out again will be the original version from The Empire Strikes Back without the removable heads. There are no plans for the ROTJ version at this time.
  • A Fan's Choice Vehicle poll is too costly to justify at this time.
  • The POTF Coins, while an interesting suggestion, are not planned to be re-released at this time.
  • Commtech chips are not planned to be making a come back.
  • There are no plans to re-release the Bantha, Rancor or Uncle Owen at this time.
  • While an interesting idea, there are no plans to re-release the Vintage figures. Part of the reason is that there are concerns that such a move would de-value the originals.
  • There are no plans to re-release Ephant Mon at this time. Hasbro "really lost their shirts on that one," as the figure's size and weight made it very expensive to produce. However, if they were to release it again, it would most likely be at a higher pricepoint (like a Deluxe figure) or as part of a multipack or screen scene.
  • Fan's Choice Figure #6 will not return until at least 2006. The reason given is because it is too difficult to have one without spoiling Episode III plot details.
  • Episode III figures may see the return of the action features, but only on certain figures. These will be select toys that will be aimed at kids (well, not AIMED at them, hopefully!)
  • Finally, Episode III toys WILL have spoiler information on the cards and features of the figures! If you don't want to know spoiler information, don't read the cardbacks and don't open the toys.

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