Posted by Adam on July 4, 2013 at 11:11 PM CST
Forum member jedi_guardian wrote in to tell us about a recent find of his, where he was able to score the Kmart exclusive Vintage Collection Endor AT-ST Crew Special Action Figure Set for a bargain $5.50, despite the $14.99 price tag. Read on to find out why it pays to check, but remember, your mileage may vary.

Hello, I am a member of Rebelscum's forums and my name is jedi_guardian, and I just wanted to write in and tell you about one of my recent finds. When I was shopping the other day in Kmart I came across a Kmart exclusive Vintage Collection Endor AT-ST Crew Special Action Figure Set with a $14.99 price tag underneath it... Ive seen it there before. Usually I check a price scanner to make sure no clearance sale is going on, so I did it this time as usual. This time, however, instead of showing up for $11.00-$14.99($11 and some change is the usual sale price) the price scanner showed that it was only $5.50! Enclosed in this e-mail are two pictures that I included for proof of my claim, and I thought that you could use them if you decided to post this. Well anyway, I think that two Vintage Collection figures for $5.50 is a pretty good find, so I just thought Id write in and let you guys know.

Our thanks to jedi_guardian for letting us know about this great find, and if you stumble across any bargain prices on Star Wars toys, be sure to contact us!
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