Posted by Curto on June 2, 2005 at 11:38 AM CST
Last week, we spotlighted the X-Wing Racer, a new convertible vehicle in the popular Galactic Heroes line. This is just the first of a pair of vehicles that will be released for younger fans. However, if you thought there was something familiar about these vehicles, you are right. These vehicles were originally released as TONKA toys in the TONKA Truck Adventures, under different names, electronic sounds, an action figure, and DVD.

Originally called "Dunes", the aforementioned X-Wing Racer has been repainted and will include a Luke Skywalker X-Wing Pilot figure.

The vehicle formerly known as "Gator" has undergone some special modifications, a new paintjob, and will include a Luke Skywalker Tatooine figure. This new incarnation can convert from a landspeeder to a hovercraft.

It seems all electronics have been stripped out for these new incarnations, but the fun remains! Since many Star Wars may not be familiar with the TONKA toys, this is a good way to keep the line going, without investing too much into it. But it's still pretty neat to see the progression, isn't it? There are other vehicles in the TONKA Truck Adventures line, but none that really lend themselves to Star Wars vehicles, so these may be the only items offered, unless new toys are created.
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