Posted by D.†Martin on June 12, 2014 at 03:14 PM CST
From Keith S:

I just received my Black Series loose Toryn Farr and Snowtrooper Commander from viperskingdom (these guys are real good) today. These figures I think look great. Torynís eyes look a little zombiefied but I guess she is just freaked out that The Imperials are at her front door and ice is falling all around her. she is a great addition to Echo base troops. The snowtrooper I also really like. I may have preferred a SG skirt but he still looks good and gets a good range of motion. Hands pop off a little easy but manageable. I picked these up in fear that they may never show up on Canadian shelves at all with current distribution being so bleak. Sorry for cruddy pics from Iphone

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