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As mentioned previously, the first wave of figures in The Clone Wars 2013 collection will be on green Yoda cards and will feature single carded repacks of the Cyborg Legged Darth Maul and the armoured version of Savage Opress, but it turns out those are the only repacks in the collection.

Obi-Wan Kenobi

This version of Obi-Wan seems to use the same body as the last version, but it features a slightly different paint, most notably in the belt which will have pouches the same colour as the belt. Beyond that it also features a gripping left hand instead of the two fingered Force gesture, and what really looks like a new head. That said, it may just be a drastic paint change that makes the head look different.

Anakin Skywalker

Much like Obi-Wan, this one reuses the body of the last release but with new hands and a brand new grimacing face sculpt. This Anakin came to do only two things: Chew Bubblegum and Kick Separatist Assets... and he's on his last piece of gum. For a retooled figure, this one is pretty cool!


At first glance this looks like the same R2 we've seen since 2008, but upon closer inspection it is at least a partial new sculpt. The dome and feet are certainly brand new. The best part about the new R2 is the proper silver dome! It's sort of a mid tone painted silver, and far more accurate to his look on the show.

501st Legion Clone Trooper

This all-new Phase II Clone seems to utilize the existing sculpt, but it has ball-hinged knees and a Captain Rex style (screen accurate) jetpack.

Captain Rex

Forget about the Rex you got last year, this new one features ball-hinged knees and a more screen accurate paint deco and a spinning gatling gun that doesn't shoot missiles. It is uncertain if the helmet is removable, but it isn't packages separately, so chance are good its stuck on there.

Commander Cody

Oops. This one's a straight repack. Nothing new here. Move along. move along.

There you have it. Stay tuned for more...
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