Posted by Curto on July 11, 2005 at 01:29 PM CST
New OTC Packaging
The basic line OTC packaging looks like a combination of the old OTC line and the new ROTS packaging. Rectangular cards with the OTC graphics, but the base is rounded off similar to the ROTS figures. Bubbles are rectangular, which is better for stacking.

New OTC Figures
UPDATE: Forget what was posted earlier today. That was from the initial report. We've got some new details that will please everyone...well, mostly everyone.

#001 Princess Leia Boushh Disguise: Possible new sculpt, appears to have jointed knees and 'turnable' elbows. Can't tell if the helmet is removable, but it looks big compared to the figure, so I would assume so. Comes with the big laser rifle (gray) and a thermal detonator - possibly permanently attached to the hand.

#002 Han Solo: Definitely a new sculpt, including the head. Han is wearing the outfit from the skiff battle. Comes with a new kind of vibro weapon - similar to the skiff guard force pikes, but new. The carbonite block is a red glow from Han's torso up - similar to how it looks in the movie when the block starts to thaw out.

#003 Bib Fortuna: Definitely a new sculpt - thinner than the original and appears to be bearing his fangs. Looks to have more articulation - the elbows rotate for sure. Bib looks to be carrying some kind of a small staff or knife in one hand and some kind of small device in the other - probably a communicator.

#004 Barada: This one we have seen before - it's the same as the one from the skiff 3-pack and/or the skirmish 4-pack. He appears to have lighter colors and an orange bandana with gray boots, but that could just be the photography. Same gun is included.

#005 Chewbacca: This is just about a match for the earlier Chewbacca as Boushh's Bounty. The body looks the same, but the head looks slightly different and the arms bend 90 degrees at the elbows. Can't see much of what is or is not articulated - definitely not the legs. The chain around chewies neck looks like real metal and goes all the way down past his feet and there appears to be no bowcaster.

#006 Boba Fett: This one is just the Boba Fett Pit of Carkoon figure with the same blaster and "jet pack fire" for a base. Might be a slightly different paint job, but looks like the same sculpt.

The graphics are very similar to the OTC cards, with the silver SW logo on the top and space in the background. Just to confuse the heck out of everyone, the front bottom says "The Saga Collection"...not to be confused the prior, uh...Saga collection.

Each card has a background scene from the movie and says "Includes: Exclusive Hologram Figure!" On the back of the card in the lower right is a 2" by 1" cutout where you would be able to see the Hologram figure. The card isn't an exact rectangle, but it's close - more of a bottom heavy trapezoid I guess. If you look at it from the bottom, it looks like an ROTS figure with the same type of curve. There are no bubbles on these, but I assume the bubble will be the same rounded type that we see on the ROTS figures with the tape on the back.

The other new packaging is a foot long pegable package with a clear window and on the top it has the STAR WARS logo, and on the bottom it says...TRANSFORMERS. That's right, Star Wars Transformers!

I told you we had more details coming!
Thanks to JediJman for the scoop!
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