LEGO Tantive IV Arrives At Retail
Posted by Jeremy on August 24, 2019 at 06:25 PM CST
First announced during the Official LEGO Panel at Star Wars Celebration 2019 Chicago, the consular ship that started the chain of events that lead us - in a straight line - to The Rise of Skywalker has made its first reported public appearance outside of a LEGO Brand Retail Store.

In the set's initial period of availability, it was only available through LEGO outlets as a direct-to-customer product, but typically after three to six months LEGO makes exclusives available to other retailers.

LEGO Tantive IV Arrives At Retail

And now, thanks to a store report from reader Dax who saw this set on a shelf at the Target in Melbourne'sCBD, we have evidence that this period is over. At a starting price of AU$329 - which is the same as the Australian price LEGO shop@home - you can now expect to see it showing up at other retailers around the world, and eventually being included in toy sales towards the end of the year.

If all this has grabbed your interest then head over to our homegrown review and check out what features this model boasts.

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With toys from The Rise of Skywalker appearing in stores well before their official October 4th shelf date, we want to know what you think of these commercial cock-ups?
Great - I spoilers!
Works for me - I can spread my purchases out.
It is what it is - I can ignore them.
There goes the magic of Force Friday... again.
I hate them, I hate them, I HATE THEM!!!
Wait, did something leak?
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