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We are currently running multiple auctions on Ebay to benefit the Make a Wish Foundation. This HUGE event happening within the Rebel Legion to benefit the Make A Wish Foundation on EBAY was sanctioned by Lucasfilm and the MAW foundation and was agreed upon by the Rebel Legion Command Staff, Council and LCO.

THIS IS A MOMENTOUS OCCASION!!! Never before have we offered REBEL LEGION merchandise up for auction on a public site.

I am hoping that you can help me by letting me know if you would post this information on and any other sites associated with I have tried to contact members of with no reply. This auction is open to EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE. I have the items in hand and will send them worldwide.
Here is the explaination of the auction:

In 2012, the Rebel Legion decided to do a limited set of sketchcards of our members to commemorate Celebration VI in Orlando Florida. 14 world renowned and extremely talented artists generously donated their time and skills to create these one of a kind pieces of art. Each piece features a Rebel Legion member in their approved Star Wars costume. Once the art was completed it was compiled into sets only available to Rebel Legion members. With the approval of Lucasfilm?, the original art for the cards was to be auctioned off to benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation? in hopes that the funds would bring joy to a child in need.

Since 1980, the Make-A-Wish Foundation? has enriched the lives of children with life-threatening medical conditions through its wish-granting work. The Foundation's mission reflects the life-changing impact that a Make-A-Wish? experience has on children, families, referral sources, donors, sponsors, and entire communities.

Those artists included:

? Mikey Babinski
Comic Book Inker
Hailing from a ?happening place? called Bradley, Illinois, he considers himself an inker rather than an artist. Besides seeing Michael?s art on the covers and pages of Marvel comic books, you?ll be able to see it in DC Comics Wonder Woman series. He has inked for Marvel, DC, Image, BOOM!... & worked on Star Wars Galaxy 7 and
now Star Wars Galactic Files sketchcards.
During the relaunch of DC's Wonder Woman in her new costume, he inked multiple issues of the comic as well as issues of JSA vs Kobra, and Power of Shazam. For Marvel, Michael has inked She-Hulks, X23, Hulk vs Dracula, an issue of Amazing Spider-Man, and some Deadpool covers. Where he has only been an inker for those big companies, he has done all the art for the sketchcards. Currently he has also contributed to the Diplomatic Mission Game being presented at Celebration VI and the Badge artwork for Rebel Legion members. You can view more of Mikey's work here.

? Gina Canady
501st Legion Member ? Garrison TYRANUS
Gina is an artist and illustrator who has been drawing and doodling for most of her life, but with new family took precedences and she left the field to tend to her three wonderful children. In 2005 when her youngest son started school, Gina decided it was time to relearn and become serious about her art. The following year, Orion?s Bell gaming asked her to create cards for their Wizard of Oz game. Unfortunately the economy crashed and the project was shelved, but this project provided a great learning experience and Gina?s introduction to digital painting.

Gina has done many pieces for 501st Legion Charity projects as well as her local Garrison and Kilometers 4 Katie. She has done cards for Blue Line Art?s ?Comics for Cures? sketch card auction for the American Cancer Society, SheVaCon?s fundraising auction and the Wonder Woman Day art auction for domestic violence shelters in New York and New Jersey. Her work appeared in 5Finity?s new Voltron art book released in December 2010.

? Michael and Brita Capell
Michael and Brita Capell met many years ago in an illustration class, far far away, while undergraduates and have worked together illustrating, animating and designing ever since. They are both members of the Rebel and 501st Legions. Michael is currently the Commanding Officer of the RL Knights of the Jedi Order and a graphic design professor. Brita has developed a love for costume making in addition to painting. They are both active on the RL and 501st Trading Card Design Teams. They have worked together on illustrations that have been seen in a variety of publications, including Rolling Stone, Mac World, and Photoshop User magazines.

? Jennifer Depaola
"I am Jenn DePaola - Artist & Star Wars fan. I've been drawing since my early childhood, many moons ago. My love of the arts began with cartoons as a child, moving on to comic books, and eventually to portraiture. I have always had a fascination with drawing, and just being creative in general. I'm primarily a digital artist using Photoshop and a Wacom tablet, although in the past year I have been working on sketch cards in traditional mediums; with Prismacolor Markers and Rapidograph pens. Digital gives me the freedom to paint more photo-realistic portraits without all of the fuss of art supplies, and the level of detail I'm able to achieve is phenomenal. While traditional supplies lend themselves to more of a "comic-realism" style that I've developed. It also gives me a break from portraiture and I'm able to relax my style a bit and get a little crazy with it, which is tons of fun. Currently, I'm working on personal commissions, official sketch card sets for Topps, and am also a co-founder and contributer to a podcast & blog - Also be sure to check out my website to see more of my art.

? Jan Duursema
Comic Book Artist
Jan is known for her realistic style of drawing, which has made her a fan-favorite and won her a solid fan base. While illustrating many Star Wars comics, Jan has collaborated with John Ostrander on Star Wars: Republic as well as Star Wars: Legacy. She is the co-creator of many popular characters, such the Twi'lek Jedi Aayla Secura and Quinlan Vos from the Republic series and more recently?Cade Skywalker and Darth Talon from Legacy.
Visit for more of her work and look her up on Facebook as well here.

? Samantha Hallenus
Member: Dagobah Base
A colorful and expressive painter, her work can be viewed in Louisiana Watercolor Society shows. She has participated in numerous community service art events including the WYES art auction, St. Louis Cathedral's Gala Auction hosted by Gayle Byrd of Huber House Gallery, and the Louisiana Children's Museum's Art Fest. She has published note cards based on her original paintings and has sold them to galleries and individuals in the area. Her body of work tends to be colorful and expressive and posters of her work can been viewed on,, and Samantha also teaches art to children in Jefferson Parish, New Orleans.

? Janine Jender
Member: Nar Shaddaa Base
"I've received my artistic talents from father who passed away when I was a baby. I have only really started to draw about 6 years ago when I met my boyfriend. He has encouraged me throughout our relationship to keep at it. I mostly have been drawing Star Wars related art because of my fellow Rebel Legion/501st family. I do draw anime style as well. It shows up a lot in my Star Wars art. I'd like to someday be good enough for my father to look down on me from heaven and be proud knowing that his love for art lived on through me."

? Jason Keith Phillips
Sketch Card Artist
A freelance artist, known for sketch card work with Topps, Upper Deck, Cryptozoic, Breygent, Bad Axe Studios, Sketch Card Studios, and Rittenhouse. Creator owned comic books in the works & coming soon. You can view more of Jason?s art at:

? Plinio Pinto
Primarily known as an illustrator, Plinio?s depictions of celebrities and pop culture icons boast a portrait-like quality that emanates from the layer after layer of washes of carefully mixed in his watercolors. He earned his BFA from the Illustration Department at the Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota Florida and is the owner of Grape Soda Studio, Inc. in Orlando. Some of his recent clients include Steve Gonsalves and the TAPS Paramagazine as well as Playboy Enterprises. He welcomes costumers and the like to his studio to watch him work on new pieces.
For more of Plinio?s work, visit his Facebook page.

? Bill Pulkovski
Growing up on the urban streets of Detroit, Bill was surrounded by a diverse environment and eclectic cultures. Influences of comic books, music and film began to shape his young mind and artwork. Armed with a degree in Art for Advertising from Macomb College, his work is now rooted in realism and taps into both the heart and fringes of popular culture to reflect expressive color, arresting composition and an exciting energy. Today, Bill is an entertainment illustrator and designer. His work can be found in comic books, trading cards, prints and film. He has worked for or on properties such as Lucasfilm LTD., Star Wars, Topps, Paramount Pictures, Marvel, Shot in The Dark Comics, Factory Entertainment and AMC.
For more of Bill?s work visit his site.

? Beck Seashols
Sketch Card Artist
Beck Seashols is known for her ?cute? drawing style, turning things that shouldn?t be cute and cuddly into huggable, adorkable doodles.
Beck is a self-taught cartoonist, illustrator and author working and living in Roanoke, Virginia.
In 2008, her first children?s book was published, in 2009 she began work in the sketch card community and in 2010 started drawing the webcomic ?Sweeten Village? with her writing partner Brad Duncan. You can usually find Beck drawing up a storm at numerous East Coast conventions.
For more of Beck?s art visit:

? Jamie Snell
Sketch Card Artist
Born and breed in the heartland of Columbus, Ohio. Jamie is a graduate of Columbus College of Art and Design he has pursued his artistic career as a freelancer. Jamie was the freelance artist who produced ?sketch cards? for the Star Wars: The Clone Wars tie-in trading card set released by Topps Entertainment in 2008. Jamie has also done drawings in the Transformers Beast Wars source book for IDW Publishing, Pencils/inks for a short story in the Cereal and Pajamas anthology for Ape Entertainment to inking a short story in the Harvey Award winner for Best Anthology- Popgun vol.1 from Image Comics.

? Thomas Spanos
501st Legion Member ? Midwest Garrison
Thomas exercises his passion for sculpture and performance art through costuming. His likeness has appeared in the Star Wars Insider, toy packaging, and in the comic series Star Wars Legacy as Imperial Knight Ganner Krieg. The artist is also contributing to the As You Wish Helmet Project at Celebration VI with his entry ?The HRG Trooper.?

Visit for more of Thomas?s work.

? Scott Zambellli
Sketch Card Artist
Scott became an official licensed Star Wars artist when he was picked up to join in the "Star Wars: Clone Wars - Rise of the Bounty Hunters" sketchcard series by Topps. In addition to that, he has also worked on series for Breygent Marketing. Scott's rapid move through the ranks of sketch card artist is a testiment to not only his skills as an artist, but also his consistancy in quality and dependability to make deadlines. When he is not working on various freelance work, Scott focuses much of his attention on his company, ?Studio Three16?, where he and his team of artists work to create Christian inspired works of all mediums.
For more of Scott?s work, look him up at:

Some of these artists were in attendance at Celebration VI and each one of them received a set of the cards.
Featured in these auctions are a 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" Original piece of art featuring various members in his/her approved costume from the Prequel Trilogy, Original Trilogy, Clone Wars and Expanded Universe. The artwork was created specifically for this set and is a 1 of 1 piece.

Along with the originial piece of art, you will get the actual printed sketchcard from the set it was created for. On the back of each printed card is a place for the artist to sign the card as well as a bio about the artist.

100% of the money from these auctions will go directly to the Make-A-Wish? Foundation.
We hope you will keep an eye out for each of the auctions as they will be happening over the next month or so.
Please help the Rebel Legion help kids in need by bidding on these one of a kind pieces of art.

Follow this link to check out the first series of auctions

-Joel Webne
The Rebel Legion Administrative Council
Freedom Base
IG/IC/TI 9616 Garrison Tyranus
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