Posted by Chris on July 24, 2014 at 09:40 PM CST
Fans who have been waiting to complete their original trilogy 3D Widevision card sets can rest easy after a four year wait. As we originally reported way back in October of last year, Topps is at it again, bringing Star Wars collectors the much anticipated Return of the Jedi 3D Widevision set. Check out the specs below:
SKU: FGC001135

Return of the Jedi 3D Widevision includes 2 hits per box! The first hit is a Widevision sketch card showcasing the work of some of the most popular Topps artists. The second hit included in the box is either a ROTJ Patch Card or a first ever Sketch Card Relic. EVERY 4TH BOX OF RETURN OF THE JEDI 3D WIDEVISION CONTAINS A 3RD AUTOGRAPHED HIT!

3D WideVision Base Cards (44)
44 lenticular base cards telling the story of the collapse of the Empire
''Hits'' (2+ per box)
Widevision Sketch Cards (1 per box)
ROTJ Widevision Medallions
Jabba Barge Sail Relic Sketch Cards
Widevision relic cards with character sketches
Ewok Fur Relic Sketch Cards
Widevision relic cards with character sketches
Includes Misc. Ewok, Logray, Teebo and Wicket pieces
Autographs (added as a 3rd hit every 4th box)
Ten different autograph signers including Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Peter Mayhew, and Jeremy Bulloch
The Han in carbonite boxed set is limited to only 2,000 and will retail for $99.99 exclusively at, available to order now.

UPDATE: These are completely SOLD OUT on the Topps website.
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