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Posted by Jay on October 24, 2012 at 08:28 AM CST
Some of the best, recent stories are getting their release this week in trade paperback format, thanks to the good folks at Dark Horse.

First out, is the collected Agent of the Empire?Iron Eclipse! It's been called James Bond meets Star Wars and it is a great series! John Ostrander, St?phane Roux & St?phane Cr?ty present a dangerous mission for Imperial intelligence office Jahan Cross. There are definitely some great surprise and wicked foreshadowing as we see the adventures of a man loyal to the Empire. Plus, with the release last week of Cross' next adventure Hard Targets what better way to catch up on his storyline? This TPB goes for $18.99, and is best served shaken, not stirred.

Also on the must read pile is Randy Stradley and Doug Wheatley's fifth arc on Dark Times called Out of the Wilderness. This will be the last Dass Jennir arc for a while as the next Dark Times story will involve K'kruhk and his freakin'-sweet-hat! But for sheer pulse-pounding action, this collection delivers, and how! If you are not reading this series, set shortly after the events of Revenge of the Sith you are certainly missing out on some great, dark, stories. Everything Star Wars fans are clamoring for is here. This TPB will set you back $17.99.

Finally, John Jackson Miller (aka "The Hardest Working Man in Star Wars!") presents the next chapter in the storyline of Knight of the Old Republic, Zayne Carrick. Caught up in the Mandalorian War, Zayne decides the best thing to do is to take sides; on the wrong side of the conflict! Andrea Mutti provides the amazing art on this collected 5-issue series of Knights of the Old Republic?War. KOTOR fans will need to shell out $19.99 for this edition.

There are no Star Wars digital comics being released this week.

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