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Posted by Jay on September 18, 2013 at 09:38 PM CST
This week, the midpoint of "A Spark Remains" enters comic shops, and where a few weeks ago Vader was being hunted by an assassin, now he readies an assassin for Jedi hunting while scouring the galaxy for hidden prey. Elsewhere, the Uhumele’s crew plots to strike down the Dark Lord himself, but the revelation of their own life-or-death secrets threatens to unravel everything! Randy Stradley and Doug Wheatley tell another masterful tale of Dass Jennir and his wonderful band of misfits.

And in case you missed the previous Dark Times storyline, featuring K'kruhk and a gaggle of Jedi younglings, the volume 6 trade paperback of that series is out this week. "Fire Carrier" reprints the 5-issue Dark Times arc following Jedi Master K’Kruhk as he is on the run with a group of young Padawans. Forced to land on an Imperial-run planet, they hide with other refugees. Immediately, K’Kruhk senses something wrong. They must sneak away, and hope that they can escape the Empire!

Also collected this week are the first 6 issues of the new Star Wars title written by Brian Wood, with art by Carlos D'anda. After the destruction of the Death Star, the Rebels are hounded by the Empire. Suspecting a spy in their ranks, Princess Leia forms a secret X-wing squadron—which includes Luke Skywalker—to expose the spy and find a safe home. Meanwhile, Han Solo and Chewbacca are sent on a covert mission! Also included in this collection is the 2013 Free Comic Book Day story, "The Assassination of Darth Vader!"

And, for the fans who live in the electronic realm, the digital comics available this week at digital.darkhorse.com include: Star Wars: Dark Times – A Spark Remains #3.
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San Diego Comic-Con 2014
Now that you've seen the prototypes of Hot Toys' upcoming Movie Masterpiece Series MMS261 Han Solo and MMS262 Chewbacca 1/6 scale figures, our ever inquisitive Probe Droid is tasked to find out whether you are going to collect the line.
Hot Toys had me at "Hello There"
1/6 scale collecting has just lept forward. I'm in!
I hope the actual products are better than the prototypes, and if they are I'm interested in collecting this line.
This will be my first venture into the realm of 1/6 scale collecting...
I'm a 1/6 scale collector, but I'm not interested.
I'm not a 1/6 scale collector, so no, I won't get into this line (yet).
I'm not a 1/6 scale collector, so no, I won't get into this line.
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