Posted by Jeremy on June 26, 2018 at 03:22 PM CST
A decade or so ago you couldn't move for collecting and price guides and it seemed every publishing house wanted to get in on the cash cow that was Star Wars - but somewhere along the way this changed.

Independent history publisher Amberley Books wants to change that with their soon-to-be-published Star Wars Memorabilia: An Unofficial Guide to Star Wars Collectables, due out on July 1st.

Though the book is a British publication it doesn't pigeon-hole itself by limiting the content to UK toys and gives the backbone topics of action figures, models, games, books/comics, trading cards and home entertainment an international flavour.

At their core each chapter is a history essay on the topic in hand, starting with the conception of the first license and running through important milestones. They aren't anywhere near as enlightening as Steve Sansweet's seminal Star Wars: From Concept to Screen to Collectible but it does attempt to bring the reader up to date with the major licences and trends in Star Wars collecting.

Don't expect a wealth of detailed text, pages of lists or (thankfully) a price guide. Because, at 94 pages, it simply doesn't have the space. And while the illustrative photographs are lavish they aren't particularly interesting, with the bulk of them being standard product shots that can be seen on any collecting blog or online retailer's website.

This quick read is jog down memory lane for any child of the Eighties, and would evoke many cries of "I had that!" though its opening price of $25 isn't going to have much appeal.

If you're a reader of Rebelscum then there's very little chance you aren't a Star Wars collector and keeping up with the latest merchandise news is important to you so this book isn't going to fill a niche in your daily news cycle. And if you've been visiting Rebelscum for any length of time you're already au fait with 99% of the content of the book anyway.

You could consider buying it because you see it as an other collectible - and that's OK because it supports the author - but cogitate the friend, family member or work colleague who continually expresses an interest in your collection and would benefit from an easily digested starting reference.

  RRP : $24.99
Pages : 96
Pub Date : 1 July, 2018
Age Range : n/a
Grade Level : n/a
Format : paperback
ISBN : 1445676443/978-14456764493
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