Posted by Jeremy on June 11, 2007 at 11:51 AM CST
Originally issued by Lucasfilm in 1980, Intergalactic Passports granted access to visitors and the press to the sets of The Empire Strikes Back at Elstree Studios. Now, Star Wars Celebration Europe and Star Wars Insider bring you an amazing and exclusive replica of these sought-after collectables.

The original Intergalactic Passport featured different stamps to make it seem as if the bearer had visited the different planets in the saga. You can complete your Star Wars Celebration Europe Intergalactic Passport by tracking down the exclusive "stamps" that have been hidden at various locations throughout Star Wars Celebration Europe.

There are 10 different stamps to collect in order to complete your Star Wars Celebration Europe Intergalactic Passport and create a one of a kind Star Wars souvenir.

Stamp 1 Clue: The publisher of the galaxies finest Star Wars magazines and comics

Stamp 2 Clue: They make the world smile with their Star Wars action figures and toys

Stamp 3 Clue: Use their bricks to build your own Star Wars galaxy

Stamp 4 Clue: They are the Masters at making Replicas of iconic Star Wars items

Stamp 5 Clue: At the end of the Celebration Europe Art Show you will find the experts in Animation Art

Stamp 6 Clue: Listen to expert collectors from around the world share their expertise in the Collecting Panels

Stamp 7 Clue: Set foot on the Tantive IV set...

Stamp 8 Clue: Visit Dagobah to train as a Jedi...

Stamp 9 Clue: Straight from the Lucasfilm archives this exhibit is simply out of this world

Stamp 10 Clue: Vaders Fist, their members create and wear amazing Star Wars costumes

Use your Star Wars knowledge to decide on the locations, visit the location and ask the staff to stamp your Intergalactic Passport, but beware, the Sith will be out to stop you in your quest!

Star Wars Insider is out now at UK newsagents, priced ?4.99. You can also pick up a subscription for ?29.95 AND get a year's membership[ to the official Star Wars fan club for FREE!

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