Posted by Jeremy on July 21, 2007 at 01:39 PM CST
One of the most unique elements to emerge from the past stateside Celebrations has been the Star Wars Tattoo Track. Organized by The Force in the Flesh author and creator of Tattoos and Toys Shane Turgeon, this exposition of permanent fandom has fast become a favourite amongst convention attendees.

While the event at Celebration Europe was smaller than previous Celebration appearances, Turgeon did his best to bring the world of tattoos to fans in Europe. Situated in the ever impressive Vader Project exhibit, Turgeon’s exhibit of equally underground art featured a DVD demonstrating, in fast time, a 30+ hour Star Wars tattoo being completed in a matter of minutes alongside a bevy of tattoo images from collectors the world over. Also on display were paintings and artwork done by Matt Difa and Theresa Gordon Wade, some of the biggest Star Wars fans/tattooists that London has to offer. Here at the exhibit, tattooed attendees were able to enter into the Star Wars Tattoo Competition which was held on Saturday, July 14th in the Platinum Theatre.

The competition featured over 20 collectors from across Europe, competing in four different categories: Small/Medium Colour, Large Colour, Small/Medium Black and Grey and Large Black and Grey. Each collector presented their tattoos to the panel of judges who included Turgeon, artist Matt Difa from London’s Jolie Rouge Studio, Sandi Finlay who played Sly Moore, and Danny Wagner, special effects artists for the prequels and Special Edition films. The competition was stiff as some incredible work presented itself during the event, making the judges decisions that much harder. In the end four winners came out on top:

Small Colour – Derek Davis
Small Black and Grey – Mark McKenna
Large Colour – Paul Herbert
Large Black and Grey – Shane Henderson

Congratulations to the winners from all of us at Rebelscum.
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