Posted by Jeremy on April 13, 2018 at 06:44 AM CST
It's not all about Solo today because LEGO has released the entire Spring 2018 selection of their Star Wars line in one hit and representing the prequel trilogy, original trilogy and those sets inspired by events sandwiched in between are the following additions.

75206 Jedi And Clone Trooper Battlepack

Re-enact the Clone Wars with this fun little battle pack that provides two Jedi and two Clone Trooper minifigs and a small speeder craft. Let your imagination run rampant with possibilities - is Ki-Adi Mundi tracking down a darkside effected Barriss Offee or perhaps this is a small squad mission to penetrate a secret Separtist facility?


75208 Yoda's Hut

For fifteen years Yoda has been without a new home, and no matter what you think of his DIY skills it's certain that his last one wouldn't have lasted long in the dampness of the Dagobah swamps. Thankfully he has a new abode to shelter his meager collection of pots,pans, root vegetables and padawans.


75537 Darth Maul

With an official product write-up that use "amazing" three times to describe this set, the question of whether this character can be bifurcated goes unaswered. Buy it and build it for yourself to find out! Sadly this could be the last LEGO Star Wars buildable figure, which means we'll never be able to pit Maul against Qui-Gon Jinn.


All of this ties in with the 5005376 Darth Vader pod offer that LEGO will be running from April 13th to May 3rd in the US.

It is not yet know if this promotion will reach LEGOLAND and Certified Stores, nor if it the set will be available outside of the United States either. However has unofficially confirmed that it will run in Germany and will require a €55 purchase of LEGO Star Wars during the offer period.

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