Posted by Curto on August 13, 2010 at 12:25 PM CST
Always the highlight of convention coverage, the Hasbro panel is about to begin! With an impressive display in their booth, the question on everyone's minds is...what's next? Well, we're about to find out.

The entire Star Wars team is on hand for this panel: Introductions are being made now.

Thanks to the fans...the return of Vintage, The Clone Wars gets a refresh.

Starting with The Clone Wars & Saga Legends...talking about the Galactic Battle Game aspect that is included in the figures...try it out at the booth.

Wave 2 is shown.
Wave 3 is shown.
Wave 4 includes: Shaak Ti, Boba fett, Embo, R4-P17, Mando Trooper
Wave 5 includes: Zombie Geonosian, Clone Draa, Cato Parasiti, Clone Commander Jet.

Sgt. Bric exclusive shown with battle mat.
Deluxe Vehicle repaints shown....spring 2011 will have all-new sets.
Battle Packs are shown...not very many this year.
Vehicles shown: Hyena Bomber, AAT, Swamp Speeder, AT-AP, Xanadu Blood, Plo Koon Starfighter

NEW: Droid Gunship, Droid Tri-Fighter, Jedi Turbo Speeder (The Clone Wars)...includes show-accurate details, as well as new toy-related features, like hidden panels, guns, and more.

RC Hailfire Droid


37 figures this year (10 figures are repacks)...all on TVC cardbacks, sure to excite fans.
Episode III wave is shown (Anakin Skywalker will be renamed Darth Vader as a running change)
This wave is available at the booth.

Episode VI wave is shown (new version of Jedi Luke should be definitive. at long last)
Dave Vennemeyer tells how they were able to scour the Lucasfilm archives and he has made the Gamorrean Guard about as accurate as possible...just one example of how they far they have come.
Howard the Duck was in the archives...funny.

Boba Fett mailaway shown.
Starfighter vehicles shown: Snowspeeder, Cloud Car....and the AT-AT.
Force FX lightsabers shown.
Galactic Heroes shown.
Roleplay shown.

Waiting for new stuff to be announced...

Transformers shown.
Remote Millennium Falcon....displayed for the crowd
Now talking about exclusive figures..same as SDCC.

Now for NEW stuff...which is what we're waiting for after all...

TCW Slave I set. ..Rise of Boba Fett.
Jabba the Hutt set

More exclusives shown...
Kit Fisto starfighter. Geonosian Arena. Clone Wars troops
TVC boxes for vehicles.

TIE Bomber

TVC 3packs...coming to Target. 9 in total. Repacks, but look good.

Comic Packs from Entertainment Earth

C5 exclusives


Episode II wave includes Zam Wessel, Obi-Wan, Kit Fisto, Anakin Peasant, Padme Peasant, Jango, Mace Windu, Senate Guard, Super Battle Droid

Battle of Endor sets coming to TRU

Yavin set and Technician coming out again

No time for Q&A
Everyone rushes outside to see the new stuff, take photos of the team, and grab the slideshow presentation.

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