Posted by Chris on March 12, 2015 at 02:00 PM CST
The Celebration Autograph Hall presented by Official Pix guest list for April 16-19, 2015:

Amy Allen
Margo Apostolos
Kenny Baker
*Erik Bauersfeld
Dickey Beer
Jeremy Bulloch
Debbie Carrington
*Stephen Costantino
Anthony Daniels
Ashley Eckstein
Carrie Fisher
Anthony Forrest
*Steve Gawley (Extremely rare autograph!)
Mark Hamill
Daniel Logan
Peter Mayhew
Ian McDiarmid
John Morton
Brian Muir
Ray Park
Lorne Peterson
Bonnie Piesse
*John Ratzenberger
*Clive Revill
Tim Rose
*Deep Roy
Orli Shoshan
Felix Silla
*Kirk Thatcher
Kevin Thompson
Billy Dee Williams
*Corey Dee Williams
Matthew Wood

* - First time Celebration autograph guest

Check out pricing and more at the Official Pix website right here!
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