Posted by Adam on April 21, 2014 at 11:25 PM CST
This past Easter Weekend marked the 3rd annual Fan Expo Vancouver, and since the inaugural event back in 2012, the convention has gone from strength-to-strength. Unlike last year, where there were two Star Wars guests in the form of Dave Prowse and Daniel Logan, this year we were back to just one, although Ray Park more than made up for it! Furthermore, although little was made of his connection to Star Wars, which is perhaps understandable given that the show hasn't aired yet, Steven Blum, who will be voicing Zeb in Star Wars: Rebels, was also in attendance. Another Star Wars guest of note was Robert Bailey, a contributing artist to Abrams' Star Wars Art: Visions, and who was returning for his second year at the show.

The 501st Legion: Outer Rim Squad were again present at the show and they were offering photo opportunities to anyone donating to Variety through the purchase of a Vader and/or Yoda-themed pin, and alongside both of them, were the R2 Builders who had brought along at least one droid who was happy to mingle amongst the crowds.

Also worthy of a mention, were local store, Toy Traders, who had a full-size R5-D4 and a scaled version of an AT-ST on their stand!

The event's growing status attracted a greater number of dealers than at the previous two shows, and there were more Star Wars offerings as a result, with the elusive 6-inch Boba Fett from The Black Series being spotted for the princely sum of $50 on a couple of stands.

With next year's event already announced for the Easter weekend, April 2015 is going to be a busy month for conventions!

Check out our photo gallery.
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