Posted by Nick on February 17, 2018 at 10:55 AM CST
Role Play

We already know about the three-piece the Black Series Darth Vader helmet revealed at SDCC 2017 and now we got our first look at the Z6 Riot Baton. It features opening scissor action and lights up.

We also got a look at one of the upcoming Nerf Rival sets. The First Order blaster which will be exclusive to Gamestop and Best Buy. No details on pricing or availability at this time.

Finally, a look at a Han Solo blaster from the movie. It is his classic blaster but this Nerf version features glowing darts.

The Black Series

Hasbro opened with an new reveal, Vice Admiral Holdo. She sports her movie pistol and a soft goods outfit. Look for this in early 2019.

Next up, PORGS. These guys will be available in April. The box is significantly smaller than even the 3.75 the Black Series line.

Onto the Solo line and a reveal of Tobias Beckett, the mentor, played by Woody Harrelson. A Walmart-exclusive, Mimbian Stormtrooper with a super weathered look.

Drawing some large applause was a Hoth Leia Organa that includes a blaster, googles, and hydrospanner.

Now onto droids. We already had a ToysRUs-exclusive set, now we get an Amazon-exclusive set. In this set there wil be R2-X2, R2-D2 (weathered), and R5-D8.

Gamestop, Disney Store, and Barnes and Noble will be getting an Commander Wolfe exclusive. We expect this to be a popular one.

Rounding out the exclusives was Zuckess going to ToysRUs. This will release this Spring and feature an all soft goods cloak. There may have been some artistic license taken on his body because no records exist of what he looks like underneath.

Hasbro then surprised us with some characters from Jabba's Palace. A prototype Yak Face and a Gammorean Guard. Yak Face comes with his staff. The Gammorean Guard comes with all three weapon variants and a soft goods skirt.

Hasbro closed out the six-inch section with a look at the new Kylo Ren Centerpiece. This will be from the Jakku village raid and feature two light elements, an explosion and a frozen blue laser bolt.

The Vintage Collection

Everyone is excited about the return of this line and Hasbro had some major surprises for us. We already revealed Wave 1 and its release date in April in our SDCC 2017 coverage. We know got to see a few highlights from future waves. Wave 2 releasing in August will include the Death Trooper, Hovertank Pilot, young Han Solo, and a mystery figure. Wave 3 releasing in November will include Doctor Aphra, Luke Skywalker from The Force Awakens, Range Trooper, and another mystery figure.

The Hovertank vehicle revealed earlier on Instagram, will be hitting shelves in August of 2018.

There are a host of exclusives on the way. The only one Hasbro discussed in detail were a Rey (Island Journey) and Mimbian Stormtrooper available at Walmart this fall, numbers VC 122 and VC 123. Hasbro also said to expect a Vintage Collection exclusive at Comic Con.

Regarding next year's line, Yak Face will make a Vintage Collection appearance with a soft goods coat. Expect to see a mix of classic and new characters with a few curveballs in there starting in 2019.

Now we were blown away by the reveal of HasLabs Vintage Collection Jabba's Sail Barge. This massive four-foot, 13.89 pound vehicle is the biggest Hasbro has ever made. It features three levels of play including a galley, prison with decomposing ithorian, lounge area with a stuffed rancor, and much more. The set has two and a half feet of display area within the vehicle. Some other highlights include: soft goods sails, 3.75 Jabba figure with new paint applications, Vintage Collection packaging, and a 64 page booklet highlighting the production process. This will run you $499.99 plus tax and shipping. You can only get this from HasLab, they need to hit a 5,000 limit in sales to produce it, you will be charged on 4 April and will not receive the product until 28 February, 2019, and once sold out there will be no more. If they don't reach the limit, Hasbro said it will no discourage them from attempting future HasLab projects.
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