Posted by Jeremy on February 18, 2018 at 07:58 PM CST
A few weeks ago we were treated to a series of character posters for Solo: A Star Wars Story, created to give the impression of Wild West wanted posters. Now LEGO have waved their magic wand and given us a matching series using rendered minifigs.

Whether we see these in printed form - perhaps as part of an in-store promotion for the release of the movie or as part of the May The 4th Be With You celebrations - is sure to be made clear soon.

If this is starting to excite you you still have to wait until April 20th when the new sets will get put out on shelves. Oh, who are we kidding - retailers will jump the embargo in less than 12 parsecs to sell the latest sets. If you can't wait then head to now, and pick up some of the more recent sets to build while you wait.
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