Posted by Chris on June 3, 2012 at 05:55 PM CST
2012 Star Wars Weekends #3 has come to an end. Here's just a brief look at the continuation of this annual Disney & Star Wars event.

Each week, Darth's Mall has two exclusive t-shirts available for attendees to purchase. This weekends offering was a "Mona Leia" Princess Leia and "Galactic Swagger" Lando Calrissian shirt.

There was another exclusive pin set revealed this weekend as well. This is the Vinylmation Series 1 pins with a mystery bonus pin.

Here's a closer look at a few of the art pieces available in the ACME Archives Direct gallery. While I did shoot these from a distance last week, here are a couple that deserve a closer look.

Silas Carson makes his return to Star Wars Weekends for the first time since 2003! I had a quick chat with him under the shade of his autograph table. Really nice guy and extremely happy to be there signing for the fans.

You simply cannot walk around Disney dressed like this and not expect to be stopped for photos along the way. These four super fans had quite the following.

Finally, Star Wars: The Essential Guide To Warfare author, Jason fry was signing and chatting with fans this weekend in Darth's Mall. He really seemed to enjoy himself and I did confirm that even though he had to wait outside in line while it was pouring rain on Friday, he enjoyed his Star Tours experience.

That's all for this weekend. Stay tuned for more detailed photos of the Carbon Freezing Chamber next weekend along with photos featuring the last round of guests and certainly more random Star Wars fun.
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