Posted by Jeremy on November 9, 2017 at 04:43 PM CST

This "unofficial celebration of all things LEGO related" - as described by BrickFanatics, who covered the London ExCel show - is billed as built by the fans for the fans by the BRICKLIVE organisers, and never a more suitable strapline has been devised. With the exception of tacit approval from LEGO - as in the organisers didn't get sued - the entire show was put on by a team of volunteer AFOLs. This goes to show the great lengths that the LEGO community will go to support their favourite building toy, despite having no help or recognition from officialdom.

New for this year was the LEGO Star Wars Zone where fans were able to explore a huge selection of official sets and MOCs on display, spanning over a 15 years worth of official LEGO releases. Photography was not only permitted by it was actively encouraged, and the show's organisers urged attendees to bring cameras to capture their experiences of the hundreds of fantastic LEGO creations.

The schedule for 2018 is being planned now so if you are interested in attending then visit and sign up for their mailing list.

Thanks to Paul Smith from the LEGO Star Wars Fans group on Facebook for sharing his photos.
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