Posted by D. Martin on July 12, 2015 at 11:46 PM CST
After their panel on Star Wars Day, Hasbro added some new figures and one very large vehicle to their display. As we were shooting the new stuff for the gallery linked to this story, we found out some stuff that you'll likely find interesting. First, and likely most important, the Star Wars Rebels Captain Rex and new Inquisitor, along with The Black Series 6-inch farm boy Luke Skywalker, Jango Fett, Kanan Jarrus, adult Ahsoka Tano, and The Force Awakens First Order TIE Fighter with Pilot are officially the last reveals to be made before products hit the shelves on September, 4th.

Clearly, there will be many more products released on that day, but Hasbro won't be giving anyone any more exclusive first looks. If you want to see what's coming out you'll either have to keep your eyes on Rebelscum or go out to your local toy store on Force Friday.

Armed with that piece of information, here are some additional tidbits about the product reveals:

  • The Black Series 6-inch farm boy Luke Skywalker features a cut and sew tunic to preserve maximum pose-ability. Hasbro was concerned that a sculpted tunic would sacrifice either functional articulation or silhouette.

  • The Black Series 6-inch and the Star Wars Rebels: Mission Series adult Ahsoka Tano figures both have bent primary lightsabers. This is by design, and is a bit reminiscent of Count Dooku or Asajj Ventress' weapons. The blades are pale blue to reflect the character's neutrality in Rebels.

  • The Black Series 6-inch First Order TIE Fighter with Pilot is in perfect scale to the actual vehicle in the feature film. It's 25-inch height reflects the 25-foot height of the actual TIE Fighter. While this vehicle only comes with one pilot, it fits two, and Hasbro assures us that they will eventually release a single packaged pilot. The actual toy on display is an early production piece that still has a few issues to be worked out. Primarily the wings, which have a strange warp to them. This issue will be fixed before the set, which has a $169.99 price tag, ever hits the shelf.

  • The new Star Wars Rebels: Saga Legends Inquisitor is constructed with a two part torso to preserve the aesthetics of his shoulder armor, allowing it to form around the arms as it does in the show. This upper portion is glued in place and is not intended to be removed.

  • The Black Series 6-inch Jango Fett features a removable helmet, a removable jet pack, and two functional holsters.

  • Eagle eyed readers may notice the product card displayed with the Darth Vader & Ahsoka Mission Series two pack calls the line Star Wars Universe. According to Hasbro, that is a name used internally for all 3 3/4-inch 5POA figures (and possibly the super articulated figures as well). We're not sure if they meant it would not be used as the public name for the upcoming releases, but if it were we could get behind that name.

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