Posted by Chris on July 11, 2015 at 04:41 PM CST
Beside Joe Quesada (variant cover artist on Star Wars #1), the panelists included Kieron Gillen (writer on Darth Vader), and Charles Soule (writer on Lando). They kicked things off with a short presentation, which gave quick summaries on a couple new Star Wars titles:

- Vader Down, a Star Wars & Vader "crossover". Will include Vader facing off against an entire army on his own. Coming this fall.

- Lando, on sale right now. Basic story is Lando pulling one last score after having lost the Falcon to Han Solo. The plan is to get a crew together (to include Lobot) and steal a valuable ship.

There was a Q&A, with a couple Star Wars questions sprinkled in:

Q: "When will we see a Jedi Knight in Guardians of the Galaxy?"
A: "Ha! No comment. Good question though."

Q: Wondering about the planning that goes into the story lines, particularly since "rebooting" a story really isn't possible?
A: We work closely with Lucasfilm, visiting with them every couple months, to go through story maps and story possibilities. There is one timeline that we need to stick to, which is challenging.

Knowing the parts of the story we all know is actually a help. We know what happens to Vader and Luke, we are hyper-aware of serving the story canon.

The conversations we have with these story lines are an absolute blast.

Q: If possible, do you have any Shattered Empire news to share? Anything planned for bounty hunters?
A: Can't talk about Shattered Empire... There are a lot of bounty hunters in the current Vader arc. Lots of Bossk, for example. We've even made up a couple bounty hunters. Vader knows bounty hunters, he talks with them in Empire and we took inspiration from that - we want to use as many as we can.
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