Posted by Chris on July 10, 2015 at 01:49 PM CST
The Hasbro Star Wars panel is always a fun time here at the San Diego Comic-Con! Plenty of interesting items this year, so let's get right into what was presented.

After introducing the panelists, they kicked things off with a surprise visit from Ashley Eckstein! Ashley talked a bit about how excited she is to be voicing an original character. She was also congratulated for the fifth anniversary of Her Universe.

- They then rolled into some details on the Ahsoka Black Series figure (that premiered at the recent Celebration), including paint ops and double lightsabers (pale blue), noting it was a team favorite. The figure is now displayed at the Hasbro booth - look for an update to the booth gallery soon.
- Kanan Jarrus from Star Wars Rebels will be an upcoming 6" Black Series figure, coming soon. The conversion from cartoon style to a realistic look was challenging, but the results are pretty terrific. He too will be at the booth this afternoon.

The Black Series 6-inch

- Jango Fett from Attack of the Clones is on the way. Features removable helmet and holster-able pistols. Another booth addition for today.
- A New Hope Luke Skywalker Tattooine. Includes Macrobiconulars and soft-goods tunic.

Role Playing

- Retooled Force FX Lightabers with improved sensitivity and "all new tech".
- Vader and Yoda first to get the revamped tech.

Rebels Season Two 3-3/4"

- The new Inquisitor, which will be much larger than the previous.

The Black Series Fan's Choice Poll

- The official winner ended up being Expanded Universe fav Darth Revan.
- The race was tight, so they added a bonus figure! Second place was Sabine Wren from Rebels, which will include swappable heads (helmet and no-helmet).
- Gamorrean Guard took last place in the poll...

Branding and Art

- There was a nice look at the packaging design for the First Order Storm Trooper available (to those who brave the lines) here at the Comic-Con. They are going to be illustrating all the characters on the front of the Black Series packaging. They'll also be giving them large numbering on the side to help with displaying and keeping track of what you are collecting. It's an all new look coming this fall.

The Force Awakens 6-inch The Black Series

- First Order Elite Pilot. And what's a pilot without a ship? ...
- Special Forces TIE Fighter. At 26" this thing is HUGE! It looks fantastic - and will be on display at the booth where everyone can get a closer look. It includes dual cockpits, "advanced weaponry", and the black/red deco. The TIE will hit this fall. Our own Chris Wyman declared it to be the new "BTF".
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