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EFX Collectibles, Kotobukiya, Gentle Giant Ltd, Tamashii Nations, and Sideshow Collectibles were all in attendance this year at the Collectibles Update panel. Let's get to it! The panel was moderated by Lucasfilm's "Hard-Line" Licensing Team member Anita Castellar.

Anita was quick to point out that there wouldn't be anything discussed regarding The Force Awakens.

EFX Collectibles

- Imperial Guard Helmet. Cast from a screen-used helmet.
- Legend Helmet Stands. Again, casted from screen-used props. Includes Boba Fett, Vader, and more.
- More Studio Scale Models coming our way, including the Millennium Falcon, AT-ST, Y-Wing, TIE Bomber, and Probe Droid.
- Adding to last year's life-sized Yoda puppet, they've managed to source some additional parts to make this even more accurate. The video they showed of their puppet giving some Empire Strikes Back dialogue was incredible.
- A New Hope life-sized R2-D2. Rolls around, lights up, and was generally terrific.


- ARTFX+ Snowtrooper 2-pack, scheduled for this winter (with magnetic feet and base)
- ARTFX+ AT-AT Driver, also available in December.
- ARTFX+ Astromech Collection expands with R5 and R4 units
- ARTFX+ TC-14 Barnes & Noble exclusive. Limited to 1500 pieces.
- ARTFX+ Utapau Trooper Barnes & Noble exclusive

Gentle Giant Ltd

- A quick discussion about Premier Guild Membership, which allows you to select a free bust. Subscribers can choose from a Biker Scout, Commander Faie (with swappable heads for hooded and unhooded), or the Emperor.
- An overview of how the various Comic-Con exclusives were made, including the R2-D2 and Boba Fett Jumbo figures (both of which come with coins), the Boba Fett Prototype mini-bust.
- Coming up will be a Sandtrooper from A New Hope 12" statue, a Jumbo Jabba the Hutt (30" long!).
- Re-release of the Star Wars bookends
- New Mandalorian bookends
- Han Solo "Hero of Yavin" bust
- Luke Skywalker "Hero of Yavin" bust (Leia will be coming soon)
- Life-Sized Kenner R2-D2
- GameStop exclusive Darth Vader bust, done in the classic Roman style (no arms)

Tamashii Nations (a new licensee to the panel this year)

- Newest member of the collectibles licensee family
- Movie Realization Series Samurai General Darth Vader
- Movie Realization Series Foot Soldier Stormtrooper
- Movie Realization Series Stormtrooper War Drummer, Archer, and Spearman
- Movie Realization Series Samurai Royal Guard
- Movie Realization Series Death Star Crest General Darth Vader
- Movie Realization Series Boba Fett as Ronin (with plenty of hidden weaponry)
- Adam gave an impromptu poll (by applause with his "decibel application")
-- Darth Maul as an oni
-- Yoda as a Sennin
-- Jango/Boba Fett as Lone Wolf and Cub
-- Droids as temple ornaments bells
-- AT-AT Walker in Samurai horse bridling
-- Leia in kimono

Sideshow Collectibles

- Artist Concept Series Ralph McQuarrie sixth scale Darth Vader. Still being fine-tuned. Expect to see him next year
- Stormtrooper Fifth Scale statue with two helmets
- Boba Fett Fifth Scale, also with two helmets (one exclusive to SSC)
- Darth Vader Fifth Scale, also with two helmets
- Premium Format Darth Maul, in development
- Premium Format Quarter Scale Sandtrooper previewed (just a sneak peak).
- Premium Format Jango Fett
- Sixth scale Jawa 2-Pack
- Sixth scale R5-D4 (with bad motivator)
- Sixth scale Darth Maul re-vamp (new sculpt, body, etc - no reuse of parts from previous version at all)
- Sixth scale R2Q5. Lights, but not as many accessories as R2 sixth scale
- Sixth scale Imperial AT-AT Driver
- Sixth scale Zuckuss and 4-LOM! Previewed (and pre-oderable) before the end of the year.


Q: For GG, as you get through the vintage jumbo, will you jumbo-ize other SW figures from the past?
A: Not sure. Want to address the entire Kenner line first. We will see what the future holds.

Q: For Sideshow, the McQ sixth scale line to include Boba Fett and statues?
A: Yes!

Q: For EFX, will we see any Obi-Wan reveal lightsabers or blasters?
A: Lightsabers, yes. Blasters and guns are problematic for importing.

Q: Tamashii, how about Chewie and Han as samurai?
A: Yes, likely - how about a Chewbacca Japanese Yeti?
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