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The Hasbro panel featured a stage full of Hasbro and Lucasfilm folks, including Andy Ochiltree, Joe Ninivaggi, and Kenner alum designer Mark Boudreaux. After some introductions, and a wicked Darth Vader impression, they rolled right into their presentation, kicking things off with a rundown of the #HasbroToyPic contest - the top 24 decorating the Hasbro booth on the exhibit hall floor during the show.

The Black Series 6-inch

- Qui-Gon Jinn coming soon (a bit of Prequel love, nice to see for our man D. Martin Myatt...), featuring the usual great detail, a "force" hand accessory, and lightsaber. They noted the hair is separately sculpted, which works well and will happen in the future.

- Rebels leader Hera, also featuring an incredible head sculpt and pistol accessory.

- Tusken Raider, with cloth goods (partial fabric and partial plastic - creating a nice balance for maximum articulation in the legs and arms). Will include a rifle, and three-section gaffi stick so you can swap out the tips.

- Royal Guard, with staff, sidearm pistol, and cloth cape. The armor under the cloth robe is incredible, inspired by Crimson Empire! Just an outstanding addition to the Black Series...

- The silky smooth Lando Calrissian. Another fabulous likeness. Includes a pistol and Cloud City microphone. The plastic cape is stamped with a wonderful interior pattern, direct from the Lucasfilm archives, which is why they went with plastic over cloth. The final effect is most impressive.

- Fan Vote Winner: Jaina Solo! As the results are only just in, they only had art work to display and are looking for suggestions on details to add.

- There was also a review of the SDCC exclusive Obi-Wan Kenobi. Old Ben features the first time they've done a "try me" audio on the Black Series, with Carrie Fisher's actual voice-over distress message.

- SDCC exclusive Kylo Ren, the development of which included a long discussion on how to capture Kylo's rage and anger in figure form. They are looking at injecting more props into these figures, and Kylo is a good example of this with the First Order banner and burnt Vader helmet.

- SDCC exclusive Jyn Erso pre-release. Included in the box are some custom art pieces of the figure on display in various environments, and Erso figure character cards, which will be exclusive to this release.

The Black Series

- Titanium Helmets will be updated with Darth Vader, Rebels Mandalorian Sabine, Boba Fett, and Leia Boussh

- Role Play Return of the Jedi light-up Luke Skywalker lightsaber.

3-3/4-inch Rebels, The Force Awakens, and Rogue One

- Introduced by Mark Boudreaux, who gave a nice run-down of the history of the 3-3/4 line, starting with some Kenner folks going out to California and reading the Star Wars script. They recognized the depth and details that were possible and determined 3-3/4-inch to be the perfect size for the line.

- Grand Admiral Thrawn, now that he's canon (appearing in Rebels).
- Fenn Rau
- Hera's A-Wing vehicle, with graphics from the show, and a 5-POA Hera figure with helmet and clear visor.
- Poe vs Snowtrooper Squad Leader two-pack
- Rogue One AT-ACT Walker (not a typo)! Worked with Lucasfilm to develop this Walker variant from the movie trailer. The Walker not only features lights and sound, but also actually walks! They had one on hand that walked slowly across the panel table. Side-pods insides of chin-guns, and a cargo pod in the center of the body that can be removed to create a little bunker on the ground. You could control the head from the back of the body, and fire missiles as well. You can also control it from your phone! It'll come with three unique figures: a driver, a black astro-mech, and Jyn. Overall, a really, really impressive package.

Questions and Answers

Q: Do you have plans for Black Series 3-3/4 inch?
A: We do! It will continue. Stay tuned for more super-articulated figure.

Q: Tusken Raider Black Series release date?
A: This summer.

Q: How often do you visit the archives to get reference pieces/props?
A: We have folks at Lucasfilm who will go into the archives and pull out props that are requested by Hasbro. Always fun to go out and photograph those pieces.

Q: For Ep VII, will we be able to find major characters at retail easily? Rey, for example.
A: Distribution is a hot topic and they are constantly refining it and adjust quantities with the retailers. You'll see more Rey soon.

Q: Any plans for 6-inch scale vehicles?
A: Yes - you'll see some next year!

Q: Where's Luke? Force Awakens Luke?
A: One of the challenges is the development schedules with product and films are often not in sync. It can create delays. Luke is on his way!

Q: Kaji Club coming?
A: There's some cool stuff coming!
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