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Moderated by host Anita Castellar from Lucasfilm they wasted no time launching into the presentation, kicking things off with:


- ARTFX+ Yoda & R2-D2 Dagobah pack (including ghost of Yoda), coming in November
- ARTFX+ R-3PO Barnes & Noble exclusive coming in November
- ARTFX+ R2-Q2 Barnes & Noble exclusive coming in November (R2 units include a collectible coin)
- ARTFX+ Rey & Finn 2-Pack, with extar Finn head sculpt, that fits the FO stormtrooper body that's already out, coming in 2017
- ARTFX ANH Darth Vader 1/7 scale statue coming in October
- ARTFX Kylo Ren 1/7 scale statue, with a melted Vader helmet base and light-up saber, coming 2017
- Rogue One product is on the way!
- Be on the lookout for announcements on their Facebook page (and right here on Rebelscum, of course)

Gentle Giant Ltd

- Capt Phasma mini bust SDCC exclusive
- McQ Chewbacca mini bust SDCC exclusive
- Jumbo ROTJ Luke (with different hair paint applications) SDCC exclusive
- ROTJ Luke Jedi Knight Jumbo later this year
- POTF Greedo Jumbo coming 2017
- New 1:8 Scale Statues, starting with Darth Vader kneeling re-release at the new smaller scale.
- 1:8 scale IG-88 and Boba Fett statues next year
- FO Stormtrooper mini bust shipping soon
- Rey mini bust coming soon
- FO Flame Trooper mini bust this fall
- Finn and Kylo Renn mini busts also coming soon
- Ugnaught 2-pack Premiere Guild gift
- Ackbar mini bust Premiere Guild gift
- Han Carbonite Jumbo Premiere Guild gift
- Shadow Trooper Classic mini bust Premiere Guild gift
- Poe Dameron Classic mini bust coming this fall
- FO Snowtrooper and Jango Fett Classic mini busts also coming soon
- Leia Hero of Yavin mini bust
- Vader "Emperor's Wrath" mini bust, with visible lighting skull
- BB-8 holiday mini bust with working lights (for Premiere Guild only)
- Look for Rogue One products soon!

Tamashii Nations

- Samurai Vader Movie Realization re-release
- Ashigaru Stormtrooper, Boba Fett, DS Vader, Teppo Sandtrooper all out now
- New Taikoyaku Stormtrooper available now
- Teppo Sandtrooper with black and white Sandtrooper (unveiled at Celebration Europe)
- Artwork was displayed for Maul, Jango, IG-88, Gamorrean Guard, and Padme
- Diecast is coming to their Star Wars line for 2017, including die cast vehicles and an R2 to go with their previous die cast C-3PO

Sideshow Collectibles

- Revisiting the bounty hunters line, looking to expand the line with Bossk, Zuckass, and Dengar.
- Look for a light-up Han Carbonite re-release that can be displayed vertically or horizontally
- Premium Format Jango Fett coming soon (available to see on the show floor)
- PF Kylo Ren available for pre-order, with hand made cape and cloak. Can be displayed cowl up or down.
- FO PF Stormtrooper
- Legendary Scale (aka "half scale") R2 and 3PO, with removable magnetic restrictor bolts
- Life-size Darth Vader bust, featuring some updates and enhancements to the previous version (though no removable helmet)
- Life-size metal R2-D2, with lights, sounds, and swivel dome
- PF Rey and BB-8 are in progress. Will feature polystone and fabric. Coming Fall this year.
- Rogue One products on the way!

EFX Collectibles

- Just launched a new website!
- "Reveal" ESB Luke lightsaber with lights and sounds
- Epic Duel series lightsabers will come in sets, starting with Kenobi and Vader, Luke and Vader, Qui-Gon, Kenobi, and Maul, Yoda and Dooku, and finally Mace and Sidious
- 4-foot (!) studio scale model of the Star Destroyer based exactly on the model from the film.


- High-end prop replicas all custom built to order by the actual movie prop makers
- All come directly from Pinewood studios, produced using the same techniques as the real props
- They introduced a new light-up Falcon panel

Questions and Answers

Q: There's recently been a dearth of Tusken Raider merch
A: Sideshow says it is "on their list"

Q: For Sideshow, when will we get a 1/6 Poe?
A: On display in the booth!

Q: What's the pricing on the saber duel sets from EFX. How much?
A: Still working through the details (dioramas, display stands, etc).

Q: The EFX duel sabers are one-to-one scale?
A: Yes, they are!
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