Posted by Chris on July 23, 2014 at 11:06 AM CST announced that ANOVOS will be offering the Darth Vader suit from The Empire Strikes Back as part of their Star Wars line up!
?Self-aligning helmet with ventilation fan system and suspension system
?Mantle/shoulder bell piece
?Chestbox complete with leather straps and functioning LED lights
?Belt with boxes, buckle and lightsaber clip
?Shin armor pieces
?Wool cape
?Under robe
?Under suit (your choice of Premier or Standard)
?Gloves (your choice of Premier or Standard)

Note: Boots and lightsaber are not included due to current licensing agreement.

Construction details:
?High-quality fiberglass armor piece construction with finished undersides/backs/interiors
?Premiere undersuit constructed from quality grade leather
?Standard undersuit constructed from faux leather

Design details:
?Helmet features interlocking magnets and keys to ensure consistent alignment for costuming
?Chest and shoulder armor constructed with alignment bars for proper shoulder hinging and placement
?Chestbox based on screen-used archive reference with electronics
?100% wool crepe cape
?Premier leather undersuit will feature two-piece construction with back zipper
?Standard undersuit will feature one-piece jumpsuit construction with mesh ventilation

Look for ANOVOS Star Wars costume prototypes on display at San Diego Comic-Con at Booth #4536, and visit to subscribe to the ANOVOS newsletter for pre-order information!

Check out the full article with an amazing photo gallery right here!
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