Posted by Nick on April 8, 2018 at 09:32 AM CST
EAA-058 Captain Phasma, Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Not a whole lot of difference here from the EAA-016SP edition. It is still cast in the electroplated chrome. The cape is a little better with a cloth red stripe versus a vinyl one from the previous version but not the high quality cape that was tease with the solicited version a few years ago.

Despite that, the figure still looks great. There is a slightly different sheen to the chrome but that may be the light I was viewing it in at that time of day. The biggest change here is the inclusion of her lance which is unfortunately not chrome itself like in the movie but still a great addition.

What baffled me most about the unit is the price. It is listed on a few sites, including Amazon for $150. While I know Best Kingdom's special editions tend to sell for that much because of the extra features, this is a standard listed version and the price has been coming down so much that it is disappointing to see those older prices again. Fortunately there are some comic shops selling them for $90 or less on eBay or other sites, so I recommend this route.

Another great edition to the set though and this version could serve as The Force Awakens Phasma while on display with the blaster or The Last Jedi Phasma with the lance. Now, let's see if that Executioner Stormtrooper we saw at SDCC 2017 on display actually gets made.
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