Posted by Curto on August 15, 2006 at 02:19 AM CST
Wizards of the Coast debuted several miniatures from the upcoming Star Wars Miniatures expansion set this past weekend at Gen Con. The Lingster was on hand at Gen Con checking out all the gaming news he could find, including the folowing gallery of new minis that were on display.

Bounty Hunters will make its debut in September and feature more fringe characters than any other set released so far...including bounty hunters and other scum and villainy from across all eras of the Star Wars saga. This set will include 60 figures, including several HUGE figures!

So, what are you looking at? Here's a list (in no particular order) of the figures shown in the gallery. The names are not official, and may change:

  • Luke Skywalker (Bespin Fatigues)
  • Princess Leia (Boushh Disguise)
  • Han Solo (Smuggler Gear)
  • Chewbacca (w/ C-3PO)
  • Boba Fett (ROTJ deco)
  • Jango Fett (with clear flames and exhaust)
  • Walking Vulture Droid
  • Krayt Dragon
  • Rodian Hunt Master
  • Homing Spider Droid
  • Mystral Shadow Guard
  • Darth Vader
  • Nikto Gunner on Desert Skiff
  • Mustafarian on Lava Flea
  • Utapau Warrior on Dactillion
  • Mandalorian on Basilisk War Droid
  • Corporate Alliance Tank Droid
  • Swamp Speeder w/ Clone Troopers
  • Bounty Hunter (Payback?) on Swoop
  • Snowspeeder

    Glimpsed on the side of the package:
  • IG-88
  • Bossk
  • Bith (in Matrix-style pose)

    Wizards of the coast also presented a special presentation and Q&A session. Here's a rundown of what was announced for 2006 and 2007:

    Star Wars Miniatures
  • Champions of the Force is the best selling set in the line to date, probably due to the number of lightsabers.

  • Bounty Hunters is due in September. See above for some of the figures that were shown.

  • Starship Battles is due in November. Starships will be from all films and Expanded Universe, including the Executor, Mon Calamari Cruiser, B-Wing Fighter, TIE Fighter, Home One, Imperial Shuttle, Y-Wing Fighter, Republic Attack Cruiser, Jedi Starfighter (ROTS), TIE Interceptor, Droid Tri-Fighter, X-Wing Fighter, Vulture Droid, Darth Vader's TIE Fighter, ARC-170 Fighter, Slave 1, Millennium Falcon, and Dash Rendar's Outrider. Ships are relative scale...for example, X-Wings are not to scale with capital ships.

  • Coming in May 2007, Alliance and Empire will help celebrate the 30th anniversary of Star Wars with many characters from the Classic Trilogy and beyond.

  • Rancor Attack (a Scenario Pack similar to Attack on Endor) has been removed from the schedule until further notice.

    Star Wars RPG
  • In March 2007, the RPG will return with the Saga Edition, named by following Lucasfilm's "Saga of Star Wars" convention referring to all 6 films, just in time for the 30th anniversary celebration. This will be compatible with the Miniatures game and will include a mini-scaled battle map. Look for new abilities and skills, a revised combat system, and new Force powers.

  • New accessories and supplements will come out later in the year.