Posted by Curto on March 19, 2007 at 11:05 PM CST
The Force FX Combat Trials is not the only major Celebration IV announcement to come out of Master Replicas this week!!

First and foremost, let's talk exclusive products.

Since we're celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the original trilogy, it made sense to turn our attention on the movie that started it all - A New Hope - when looking for an exclusive product. And so, for this momentous occasion, Master Replicas proudly presents an all-new scaled replica which celebrates one of the heroes of the Battle of Yavin.

Luke who?

No, of course we're talking about fan-favorite, Wedge Antilles!!

Presenting the Wedge Antilles X-Wing Helmet Scaled Replica! This stunning scaled replica helmet is constructed from injection molded plastic with high quality die-cast metal components. As with all of Master Replicas' upcoming scaled helmet line - this will be the first one released! - the Wedge Antilles scaled helmet is completely authentic, and is based on reference provided from the Lucasfilm archive. Strictly limited to 1,500 units, it will serve as a beautiful companion piece to the Luke Skywalker X-Wing Scaled Replica Helmet slated to be released later this year!

Don't miss your opportunity to celebrate one of the more unsung (and under-merchandised) heroes of the Star Wars Universe - Wedge Antilles!

Stay tuned for additional exclusive news!

But wait, that's not all!!

Master Replicas is pleased to officially announce that we will once again be hosting a special event at Celebration IV, exclusively for our Collectors Society members. While we are still putting the finishing details on the venue - stay tuned for details - we can tell you that it will be Sunday night, May 27th. (Save the date, CS members!!)

What's more, Master Replicas has partnered with Official Pix, who will provide our party guests with a unique opportunity to get up-close and personal with the stars of Star Wars!!

Plus, as always, there will be games, contests, and much more! Stay tuned for more details, as we move closer to the biggest Star Wars Celebration ever!!

Not a Collectors Society member yet? Click HERE for more information.
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