Posted by Jay on May 16, 2007 at 12:25 PM CST
This just in from Matt Busch and DK Publishing.


LOS ANGELES, CA-- On May 24th, DK Publishing will unveil a new DVD titled You Can Draw STAR WARS, a pseudo-supplement to the book of the same name, released earlier this year. The DVD is hosted by notorious STAR WARS artist Matt Busch, and collects all seven episodes that were previously available Online at and, though now on DVD at four times the resolution. While intended to promote the existing book, the video episodes feature all-new material, and have already found much praise from aspiring artists Online.

Produced in collaboration with Lucasfilm Ltd, DK Publishing, and Busch's own production company- Planetmatt Entertainment, these episodes are a far cry from boring step-by-step tutorials you'd expect to see. With cutting edge storytelling, editing, and even special effects, the episodes are entertaining to even non-aspiring STAR WARS enthusiasts, as you'll see guest appearances of stormtroopers, jawas, even Artoo Detoo. A sense of humor remains consistent, and one fan favorite episode has Busch doing a hilarious parody of legendary Bob Ross, painting a "Happy little interigation droid..." The arc of Episodes reveals the enitre process of creating a limited edition STAR WARS poster, which will also be unveiled by Busch in L.A. on the 24th.

Busch also produced nearly 400 drawings and paintings for the book You Can Draw STAR WARS, which was written by Lucasfilm's Bonnie Burton, and co-illustrated by Tom Hodges. Comments Busch, "My two greatest professional loves have been teaching and illustrating for STAR WARS, so the opportunity to combine these loves has just been the most fun I could possibly have." Currently a professor in the Media + Communication Arts Department at Macomb College north of Detroit, Michigan, Busch has written, illustrated, and contributed to dozens of other published books and magazines both on developing illustration skills as well as how to break into the industry.

Mostly known for his vast work with STAR WARS products over the years, Busch has also worked with such Hollywood properties as LORD OF THE RINGS, THE MATRIX, G.I.JOE, THE CROW, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, THE HULK, and STAR TREK. He has also worked with numerous music acts, creating art for such names as OZZY OSBOURNE, ALICE COOPER, BILLY JOEL, BEASTIE BOYS, JESSICA SIMPSON, KID ROCK, FOO FIGHTERS, and MOTLEY CRUE. Busch also recently wrote and directed his first independent movie CONJURE, which was released last year by Razor Digital Entertainment, shattering records in the Indie Horror genre. You can find out more about Matt Busch at:

DK Publishing will be giving away 500 limited edition copies of the You Can Draw STAR WARS DVD to fans attending the CELEBRATION 4 event, held at the Los Angeles Convention Center from May 24th through the 28th. The event marks the 30th Anniversary of the original STAR WARS movie which exploded onto the box office in 1977. In addition to multitude of festivities, Burton, Busch, and Hodges will be signing books, and even hosting drawing workshops at designated times. Fans interested in getting a promotional copy of the DVD should stop by DK's booth (#825) or Matt Busch's (#11 in the Art Show) to get details!

A 2-minute trailer of You Can Draw STAR WARS can be found on YouTube here:

The complete set of web-quality episodes can be downloaded for free at: